Monday, December 21, 2009

back from vacation,wana blog

yea, like the title says, i went on vac o as in for 4 full weeks and like the scruge i am , i wanted to wait till i resume before i awon nice anon, mgbeks, ibiluv and co have said we shd post or else>>>>>>>.

gist plenty o

first and foremost my aunt, as in my mom's blood sister,same father same mother died. the one i gisted u about that got married last at age 43. unfortunately she did not leave any child.There is some drama surrounding her death.story is that she had been complaining that since they got married,they've hard spent 2 weeks in all together since hubby is based in akure and my aunt port harcourt.She said they shd start to live together as man and wife, so the man resigned cos she had the better paying job.Then they had an accident,the driver was driving, not a scratch on him,the hubby was behind with her, not a scratch on him,the first story we heard was that the car hit the kerb and nothing happened to the car but my aunt sustained injuries in her head and died, then again the story changed to it was raining heavily, visibility was poor and the car tumbled and then landed more on the side she was....blah blah and the injury she suffered was serious.

naturally there were side talks here and there about if thr was any foul play on the hubbby's part, some salient issues also came up like

the driver had been reprimanded before on his driver by my uncle the immediate elder brother of the deceased and had advised my aunt to sack the driver

that the mother never totally consented to the wedding cos she had always had her close to him at her bosom in akure to the extent tht he got a better job once in abuja but did not take it cos of his mother

also when the issue of where they were to bury came up, the hubby and the family said she cldnt be buried at akure(hubby's hometown) because as they claimed "there is no decent burial ground in the whole of akure (the tradition is for ur wife to be buried in ur home town).

sidetalks from family members of the guy saying ''afterall she did not bear any child for us"

he was so happy about the ministry providing funds because he kept on saying he's broke o and shey we know his family too is broke. friends and family of the wife did practically everythn.when the money landed his account,2 weeks after the burial cos u know ministry and the tendency to delay stuff he apportioned like a third for himself even though some bulk money that the family and friends used for the burial had not been refunded.

I am not one to judge as the whole thing must be traumatic for him but all i know is something doesnt gel somewhr.even if its as mundane or inconsequential , the least of what is wrong may be that he did not love my aunt as christ loved the church.and the worst being that he is a gold-digger, i know he will be rewarded accordingly cos God doesnt take either with levity.I couldnt help biffing the guy when the pastor kept hampering in the church during the burial service tht in line with God's directive, his wife is gone, is gone...if he wants to marry today sef, he is free, death has done them part...i have a feeling he went to tell the pastor tht the family is witch-hunting him.

on a lighter note , there was a funny part to all this, the pastor during the service said "madam lagbaja(my aunt).....was a firtuous woman(virtuous woman),despite thew fact that she married at 43.....,she was a firgin, (virgin)....her husband can confirm sister and I could not help ourselves , we burst out laffing...quietly ofcourse.