Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Against all should I say odds ni o or stress ni o, I have done my introduction to my boo....nice anon,mgbeks,all of una who dey ask everytime,thanks for ur love and concern o. It went well, wish I could show pix but.......

Plenty of gist leading up to the thing o........

1.He  is from a part of Lagos that we the "ara-oke"(peeps from the western naij) do not take too seriously because of their highly liberal lifestyle,......so father cynic said he does not think he's be serious wihout mincing words.Tht is even without me telling him that his mom has had 4 husbands in her lifetime. 
2.what is the profession of parents?....business woman, anoda no-no for father cynic.........business business....all these business people....how are we sure wht exactly  the nature of this business is.could be coke!
3.why the rush!father cynic said-it is suspicious , like he wants to do it by force before u go to school....he must have hidden agenda.
4.your mom said u threatened to add registry to it.......father cynic said......why is it a must for u to do tht before u go, can't u be ok with just the introduction...btw i threatened mom cos she was not even down  with the introducion tht we shall go and do the registry in secret without telling her....but i was only joking.
mama cynic:-*shouting*...no registry will join u together without seeing ur parents...lailai....they will not i trust them
father cynic:-joko sibe,mo ka a ninu newspaper lojo yen pe N10,000 ni renting father and mother each.won kan ma rent obi ni now.translate to....i read in then papers the other day that its just N10,000 to rent father and mother,sit down there, they will just rent parents now.....
cynic:-daddy , me i was just joking o,oya mama cynic why are u against this intro
mama cynic:-because i dont want any man to" pale le e lori."..translate.....lay claims to u thereby blocking any other man
cynic|:-but i am very sure this is the man i wana spend the rest of my life with.
mama cynic:-what if u get to uk and find a better man......(richer....she means).

fast forward to the intro day......picture of my mom hugging boo and crying,telling him to take good care of me.and saying u are now my son.

to be continued.........btw boo will kill me if he saw this, he is a very private person who disapproves of me blogging but trust me......i won't stop blogging till i retire!lol.reminds me of one silly chorus tro one rap song when we were young...."i won;t stop rocking till i retire".