Monday, July 26, 2010

bringing sexy back and other miscellanous gists

I was making out like i like to call it cos there was no actual sex invloved, there were lots of ass grabbing, lip biting,ear licking,neck biting,gymnastics....all of which I think are essential to me having a fab time at it.There was a new essential element I did not realise would make this one of the top three mind blowing experiences i have had in my entire new hair-cut.
I didnt realise my short hair would actually be tagged bringing sexy back cos I was relunctant to cut the hair, at the salon the lady cutting it had to say "aunty ar u sure u are ready to cut this hair at all.....cos i kept screaming, not too short, not to low....pls i want to be able to fix other stuff on it.yada yada ya.......

But on the day of the my peeps....(nice anon, mgbeks etc) are probably used to tht term by now.In ectasy the guy just kept on my short not a low cut, its like all this low back bob but u see i used to have long hair or at the very least more than average length and i dont recall guys even pulling at it or anythn , they touch, caress,but never pull at it.but somehow sha, mayb cos the hand also has lots of contact with my scalp or the guy kept on whispering"oh my God, your hair is sexy...while pulling it i dont know or the sensations that was directly going to my brain then to the core of my end the matter I will say the hair is

To other gists, I am in the process of making a decision and i might not mind blogsville input.
I'm thinking of going to school, for a postgraduate in a course related to my first course, btw I'm a banker, which technically has nothing to do with my first course which is in the sciences, but because of the passion, I want to study something related to that course but I'm scared it would mess up with the 6 and half yrs banking experience I already have which means I will have to start from scratch in this my chosen field cos I dont have any relevenat work esperience.What do u guys think?

Also my bobo and I are in he has asked me to marry him  and I have said yes but  He is not ready for the wedding asper cost implications and all....,I want to go to school in September for a year, He proposed we do an introduction now then wedding next year,what do u guys think? intro now and wedding after my masters.?I have had interesting advice so far and I won't mind other perspectives.pls explain your perspective