Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As I was in my office thinking "when will i stop literally getting slapped with work cos honestly it seems like each time something to be done is being shoved in my face,to me it feels likei'm being slapped with the sheet of paper or whteva the request comes on.So, a txt comes in......usual"excuse me boss u have a txt message(and i've refused to change tht txt message alert)....its from my ex-ex-ex.........read as my boyfriend before the last before the last.

It read "i was listening to a radio programme yesterniteon ex-relationshipsand i just cant help reliving memories of our relationship.I still love you.

upon calling i found out he was being sincere and he couldnt for some reason shake the loe we shared.which brings me to the fact of my own so called "all time love of my life"...that took me so long to shake off, it even cost me 2 relationships ...yes! i haver finally admitted....he was the cause of the demise of my last 2 relationships.

The guy in this case is I call him my second love of my life and if i were more of a realist than the idealist tht i am would immediately overtake the position of the all time love of my life but as much as I hate to admit, he hasnt.But if understanding me were a measure or the S.I unit of measuring love then he wins hands down.

It also brought on a cocky feeling...LEMME EXPLAIN.....FOR YEARS I PINED FOR MY LOST LOVE as in it took me nothing less than 3yrs to get over tht guy and I am like...wtf!did he use jazz for me or wht????!!!...so it felt good also to know tht someone is still pining for me since 2002....felt so good.!

We hung out yesterday and he tried to kiss me...but I had to turn my cheek.I guess I dont feel tht way no more about him.but we're still very good/close friends.He speaks to all the boyfriends I have had since then and asks them to take good care of me.

Lest i forget i need opinions on some stuff

1.If u are in a relationship.......can u go out for a movie with your guy-friend...if yes...under wht clauses/circumstances
2.If u are in a relationship and when the guy has which is less often btw he spends wella on you, will u do same when u have which is more often by the way.

im out!.gotta go earn my living for the day.