Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the strip club gist

this is not for the faint hearted, or for the saintly , i intend to use very crude and vulgar language..

so the first thing i saw as i entered was a girl in a white bra see through and a g-strings....oh sorry thongs, she wasnt very sexy looking but men! was she srutting her stuff,i saw someone i knew almost immediately but u know it was one of this like customers or something, so i preteneded like i didnt know him thou he still managed to say to me"u're looking good"' my first reaction was ....an an haba in my turtle neck?????then i tot mayb he just wanted to embarass me for coming there at all, but me i no send i just walked on in,....me that i was still stiffing and all for x i quickly regulated ....as in for protection now ....so i allowed him hold me on the waist and i was like making a mental note to regulate afta tht day......(but that all backfired in my face)....thou tht na gist for anoda day,

on the wall there were 4 screens.imagine , one was playing porn.....as in hard core porn,anoda was showing like all these rap artists and their pornographic endeavours,on the third screen as if to mix / dilute the effect of the sex reeking in the whole room....guess what.....lord of the rings.part 3..then the fourth screen ,some other real life random pornographic thingy...

there was a stage, with the pole and on it i saw one very ugly looking chic, small breasts and very narrow hips, with small ass too rubbing herself, she was still fully clothed/....in her undies i men the typical pink lacy bra....that she did not buy the way do any justice and one small scrap of material that was supposed to be panties...she took off her top and then she was ass or was it rum shaking to this disco kinda song and....i was like ok this is still like cool.....wen then she took of panties too and started masturbating herself on stage and then she slid onto the pole and slid down and i swear all these hollywood strippers sef will give her award for her act, these girls can not be more than 22yrs old each and i wondered for a moment if they lived in lagos, were in school or somethn,all the while i tot i was going to be uncomfortable there but no......i saw anoda babe wu also came with her guy ...even dressed not too differently from the real strippers....then i sight this rily pretty girl and just like i was trying to console myself....(thou she was also wearing only her bra and pant) that she couldnt be one of them,i heard x say:hello,..........meet my girlfriend(abi dis one dey high on strippers...wu be ur girlfriend)...but of course I didnt say anything.....
stripper:"hello, how are u?hope u're enjoying this place...she said to me in a very quiet shy voice with a smile on her face....cynic:"yes i am
x:"she also says u're very pretty....once again i'm thinking abi ori bobo yii ti blow...as in make the girl no dey go think that i'm a lesbian and was ready for action...so stripper just smiled and went off....but rily o....i didnt say she was pretty then but men! this girl was clean and fine and i suddenly felt pity for her.....as in what kinda circumstances could have lead her to stripping and all......well as they say e no dey show for face and also"aja to b a ma sonu, koni gbo fere olode(the watchdog that is destined to get lost will not hear the whistle of its boss;;-the hunter....as i was saying...this girl was dark and pretty....nice breasts and lovely shape,looking innocent, a bit plump.....as in if i were a guy the way i'd like my woman, all shapely and well spoken....., i was still consoling myself...that mayb these ones don't go on stage to dance till i saw her in the next 15 mins mounting the stage........men, she stared straight into my eye and motioned for me ....to come join her.....my reaction was abeg o,....but i was gracious and i smiled at her.....,then i remember the conversation between her and xbefore she went on stage

x:"later u'll come and give me a lapdance
stripper:-what about ur girlfriend
x:-she wouldnt mind...and truely i wouldnt mind cos i dont see him as a potential mate.....but funny enough he was impressing me by behaving himself , not trying to let the mood get to him by groping me or anythn,.....na me sef they cling ...in the manner of ...dont try me o(cos one bobo cheapstake...i dont know whether upon all free and nude asses wey dey thr.....na my own e wan try use idea dey grope) ...i came here with my bobo o, i no be one of them o.

looking around me i noticed one white guy pricing lap dance....en en.. lapdance was 1000 box while just to feel and toch and finger and lick was like 1500, all this was going on in full view of evryone o, the girls were abound selling their wares to the highest bidder.

on stage this our chic(our friEnd) was thrilling, guys were sticking money in her panties, on her boobs evrywhr....

all of a sudden this razz luking stripper walks by and grabs my boobs---and i'm like wtf....x intervened and said i should let her go and reprimanded her saying...."u see me here u no touch me , na girl wey sit jeje u go dey touch"

there was also this very randy and lewd luking door....with VIP boldly written on it....with two doors that could swing open at the same time and ....ur guess is as good as mine as to what was going on inside that door,....blow jobs.....actual fucking, blowjobs...things i do not wna evn think about, wht have u....x was even teasing me that we shd pay and go find out what was going on there....na beans!liver fail me for that one o.

it was bad.,at some point i saw this girl , she was walking around nact as in in her b-day suit all over....obviosly trying to hook one whitey there....she even went as far as to make lewd dances in front of him, sticking her tongue and breasts out to entice him,....i swear it was a vivid picture of how sodom must have looked then in the days of sodom and gomorrah...walhi if i was God also i for don strike all of them...ah hem....me inclusive dead. instantly.......the irony of it was that...just outside and beside that strip club was this pentecostal church banner...inviting people for a crusade.

finally,the rudest shock of all.....there was one act that was going on on stage consisting of 2 girls, they were supposed to be lesbians, one had this penis looking thingy strapped to her panties and the other proceeded to suck and lick and all and then she was doing the normal motion of inserting the thing that by the way looked so very much like the real thin into the other guys cunt, all the while licking and masturbating....right infront of us, this girls were writhing and moaning by the way and even sweating,they were performing oral sex on each oda and it was.....rily bad and disgusting,at some point i got tired of watching the girls on stage i kukuma started waching lord of the rings..i was only grateful tht our "good girl"" was not a part of it.twas very terrible......i actually saw one of the girls cum......these girls are o more than 25 o......as in what is naija turning to.

i wont lie but at some point i was getting rily wet but omo i no show sign o, the bobo beside me sef...i kept trying to see if he was hard.....nothn......mayb twas nothing for him or like my crazy cousin will say ...to him this was refreshment.

so wen it wa like 3 ....after making sure tht x's money did not jona....i said pls let's get out of here.....this was ajeranju(chop and bulge eye) already for my poor eyes......

well sha....we left o......and then in the car we started teasing each oda....were u moved and what not..........ish.

Monday, August 25, 2008

iya o gbodo gbo-mom mustnt hear

im in desperado mode,hence im blogging wt my phone.u must b wondering y i titled dis post iya o gbodo gbo-mom mustnt hear. preamble-friday was outta d office on ds training thngy.there were several peeps frm my org. so twas a good opportunity 2 mingle so i saw dis yummy bobo-d way i like my blokes-not 2 slim,tall,big strong arms.knda needed 2 catch up n sofo:gossip,with one of me girlfrnds so i was seated facing me n ds guy kept giving me d eye,staring deeply as if daring me 2 look away wt sm knda weird smile on his face. break time came,i swear he got up ,was coming towards me wen one soapy girlfriend also cm n interceptd his move 2 say aah hi cynic..long time-in my mind im tnkn..show spoiler give me d hell some privacy.um.. lunch time also came,i turned back from my food 2 get water,lo n behold mr sleek was also trying 2 get water.he grabbed my glass,gave me one heart meljing smile n said-let me.he finishd filling his glass n passed it 2 me n went on 2 fil my own glass 4 hmslf.al dis mating dance continued o truout d training wt him luking back at me 4 no apparent reason several times. i was darn sure afta d class he was gona make a move at least but silly guy could not even consolidate.abi was he so corky dat he felt i shda been d one 2 strike convesation.or mayb it was wishful tnkn on my part..eyin gvys ova 2 u 4 analysis. bk 2 my initial title blog,got a cal frm dis fervent toaster.as in die hard knda of guy.he said hw wd i lyk 2 make gud our discussion abt my curiosity abt strip clubs-dis was hw he framed d txt-strip club,r u woman enuff? omo i wana dey woman enuf die.sharp sharp i snt reply-wt tym? so x came 2 pik me n madam b was standing at d door,arms akimbo-whr r u going cynic-em em my frnd is celebratn her bday party..its a nite party...if only she knew my true destination.luckily she cdnt have guessed ur girl was decked up 2 d neck with a turtle neck..make dem no go mistake me 4 strip ge.n on our way i was jst tnkn..wt if i c like someone from work or my fathers friend 4 dat matd wetin i go say i com do 4 strip club but trust me dat curiosity must kill me 1st o. so we got inside with x on my side..wt was d first thn i saw...2 be contd.wok cals-i have 2 service dis customers-no pun intended

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

my quiver full of arrows

random gists:

a)What is it about my work that brings all tht much insults my way.........
so like today,this owala guy walks into my office towards my desk,by the way this guy started pissing me off lately by the fact that he has started feeling familiar,he goes on to converse in yoruba as he walks in calling me omoge(in a corporate environment o)and then he starts to sing this song in the razzest way possible, bobbing his ugly head up and down..."i wana fuck u, fuck u , u alreadi know, i wana.....I think my stare and expression forced the song to a dreadful halt on his lips and with me saying in a very cold voice....."yes how can I help u?,....i think the fact that he came to my office yesterday and I was all smiley, putting on my bestest customer service act, pretending like I'm all nice and all gave him the efontry to come to my front all like tht and all, mayb if he were even some hot cute dude with the voice to die for I wont have even minded him saying"cynic, I say I wana fuck u, fuck, fuck fuck , u alredi know....I might have even joined him.....bloody irritant.


I was in class reading or should i SAYING PRETENDING TO ,wen i suddenly looked up and at a 90 degrees angle to my line of view,.....lo and behold I see this huge cock staring at me,....and i dont mean the masculine gender of the hen o.... , seriously ,my first reaction was to rub my face to make sure I wasn't seeing a mirage or something, next reaction was....I looked up and looked down again only to realise tht this guy was actully sitting beside me just not close to me but the same bench all the same. and he had brought his thn out and he was masturbating.and he was staring at me point blank with an expression which said.....wana join?this penis was very dark and large and quite intimidating that I shouted , wtf is this and packed my books all in the same instant and looked at the next person on the other side of the class nearest to me(cos the class was quite scanty.....she was female tooo so she followed my line of view and said """JESUS,"...sHE ALSO PACKED HER BOOKS,all I could think of was tht at least I have a companion to walk to the hostel area with.....aah it was too much for me I beg. OLOSHI, OLOFO....bliv it or not I ran to the hostel o

C)I'l title this one olowo idan(magic fingers).
My roommates in uni then.....quite the born again xtian type but quite pretty too,...u know all this mid length reaching skirts and scarf wearing kinda sistas,and anoda at least wassap girl, but u knw me I blend with all kinds of people o,we all went to class at nite to to read. I was reading ...at least actually reading this time around, we read o for like 3 hours, I was feeling sleepy but I was also trying my best not to sleep, cos I didnt want to luk like a laybt to the sista we went to read together with only for me to luk whr she was reading and see tht this sista was fast asleep...and I know she sleeps rily bad, as in difficult to wake kinda sleep.BUt to my utter dismay and tht of my other roommates,we noticed this guy( the sagging of jeans, earphones kinda guy...at first he was staring at her a if in awe of her beauty....like how come she looks so sweet in sleep...wen we noticed his hands reach under her skirt,the class was packed full and it was quiet so we couldnt shout or anythn...morova remember , we were reading.This guy was fumbling under her skirt and sista was turning in her sleep from left to right, right to left, we were sure he was well into her clit by now, The thn was paining us but we couldnt take it anymore, the guy's head was on the desk just as hers too was by now,THat was how, me....I couldnt take it anymore I packed my books and walked up to the desk she was being mauled at and shouted(walahi , I was past caring tht the class was full and dead quiet,....just then i notice the guy starting to pretend tht he was sleeping and was prbly sleepwalking, I shouteD sista P,gave the sista ONE very nice abara and said 'Oya lets go to the room"and practically had to pull her out of thr,

On our way to the hostel, I said to wasap girl, was I dreaming or did I just see wht I tot I saw, wassap girkl burst into laughter and said......eeh...olowo idan....and he had the guts to be pretending to be sleeping, whc kind sleep gan sef did sista thnk she was sleeping, we asked her if she noticed anythn , she shook her head, me and wassap girl decided to keep it a secret o, but each time we remeber the scenario , we sniggle and say......olowo idan, so genarlly anythn suspicious we tag it somthn idan.


This one is actually quite silly of me but nonetheless,here goes...

customer wants to walk in first, i LOOK AT HI FROM MY SEAT, the door was alredi sying..."pls exit from the cabin as the door is only meant for one person,I snicker.....
He crosses that hurdle and makes his way towards me and I notice....He has a round funny looking face, kinda jovial and smiley,...it was all I could do to stop myself frm laughing,I SAID ONCE AGAIN IN MY PRACTISED CUSTOMER SERVICE VOICE"hOW CAN i HELP U" HE SAID BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH ...........can u help check if its redi......
I look up once again trying to stifle my laughter and I say"Whats the name sir?......

Monday, August 18, 2008


W u remebers tht nursery rhyme...for want of a nail....blah blah blah,leson learnt in tht rhyme evn as little as I was, neva leave til mrw wht u can do today

So let me be very unoriginal and lazy and solidarise with a new blogger I kinda like,cos we're both new, I'll adpt his A,B,C style,even in his exact words...but my own answers, most definitely

A.Attached or Single:-single and loving it,relationships are a painnnnnnnnnnnnnn

B.BEST friends:-C(check one of my posts, to find out wu C is )

C.Cake or Pie:-Lately PIES-only the sweet sensation meat pies thou,if not I prefer cakes jare

D.Day of Choice:-Thursday_ the day me I start rejoicing tht its alredi a day to "no work"

E.Essential item-Seriosly-for me cash(tin ba lo kolu omo eleyin nko_'If I go
brush/jam the ge selling eggs nko?"

F.favorite color:-isnt it obvios....green

G.Greatest accomplishment:-One useless MBA wey I get from one (sch ta mo taa gbodo daruko)-"a sch we all know but must not mention"

H.Hometown:yay! I'm from Osun and I'm proud....but oops I shdnt be salying tht(from now i'll do my thngy of putting Letter l in some words i SAY.

I-Indulgences:_Porn......dont ask me....

J.January or July:-July, o jare , make the year just dey fly....and then sometimes I think omo,u're getting nearee to the grave o.

K.Kids:-Yeah,(since i promised myself Im gona b as razz as I can b with this blog.let me remember one Salawa song-Iya ti bi na ke mi naa bii temi(my mom has given birth to me, let me too do my own)

L.Life is incomplete without.......rily as in some pple will actually mention some dudes name abi....here no comment,cos I have a "fry"(anoda silly slang my bro uses)and. here....LIFE.


Q.quotes:-a very layabt quote,dont lagh o..."Be young, be free, be foolish...but be HAPPY!."

R.Reason to smile:-Cos I'm retrospecting

S.Season:-Dry season anyday, I hate rainy season, Tht was how one day The thn no give notice and I was on okada with my newly made braids, it just began pouring, and caning(no pun intended) me mercilessly.I had to shout on okada man's head to pull over.

T.Tag 3 friends
I dont even know how to tag but if i did it'll be ibiluv,invisible and probably boorish male(and the silly boy wont evn update)

U.UNKNOWN facts about me....is tht ur way of tricking me into saying my name....my enemies wont suceed in stripping me of my anonynity....tht Im rily quite sentimental.


W.Worst habit:-Biting my nails....I'm a woman o.

X-ray or ultraosund....Ultrasound na...shhhhsh....wht u dont knw wont hurt u.

Y.Your favorite food-chinese food, I swear e be like say one of my parents must have.... a chinese person cos the way I can be desperate abt chinese food en..I sabi cook am sef



Friday, August 15, 2008

my adonis


I wana do a series of blogs about guys i dated over the period of like ten yeARS, FROM WEN I STARTED DATING TIL NOW THT IM TECHNIALLY SINGLE.



uuum let me see,as innocent as I was then I mean I was 17 years old then, i remember,N had a great body, ur regular TDH(tall, dark and handsome) kinda guy,cute dimple,heart melting smile, and he was caring too.I rememebr wht was supposed to be our first kiss, i was still sixteen then, we werent dating but he attempted to kiss me by lowering his head very close to mine but trust omo tiya bi tofoja aran pon, i weaved and he ended up kissing the air,sori brazu(dis is a razz slang i picked up somwhr), it was late at nite so he didnt see my accompanying reaction,
He used to come see me in my hostel then, we'll talk late into the nite but omo boy no go evn get kiss goodbye...luking back now , i was harsh gan o, d bobo go spend like 3hrs talking and all spit go dry , the least I could do was to replenish some of it with mine ...if u knw wht i mean(wink .wink)
I remember one day he came baffed up to the teeth and probably popsie cramped his style by asking him to run some errands so he came late, trust siste I pounced on him ,

N;HI(looking apologetic for his late arrival)

mizcynic: hi(frowning my face bi eni tan so lu(like someone they farted on)

N;-(imagine him in all his 18 yr old sweetness)-mizcynic now what did I do, im sori now

mizcynic:u're always sorry, If u know u wont be coming to visit me often N , U BETTER SAY SO O AND LET ME roll with my campus boys wu hv ben dying to go out wth me o, instead of keeping me roasting afta I hv told my friends u'll be coming, now they'll be pitying me andI'll be luking like one sori case.

N: SORRY CASE BAWO(how),cynic, ure too paranoid I always tell u, oya cheer up now, popsie held me back now saying I had to run some errands he said(stroking my cheeks in tht playful way i loved.uuum those were the sweet days.....these days some morafucker will prbly come late and prbly expect u to apologise for his lateness..uuum the good old days,wen boys were men not now wen grown men act like boys.

most memorable moment with N

I remember this day, I was sick to my guts as in (mo ti ya gbogbo inu mi tan)i had shyted all my insides, I thnk we had bad water in uni or somthn, so I was vomitting, shyting simultaneosuly, it was bad.... ,I looked awful. low and behold came N my knight in shining armour

N;-cynic whts wrong with u, u look bad

cynic:Iv bn in bed al day , looks like i have running tummy or smthn
N:hv u taken anythn , u look rily bad, are u sure we shdnt go see the doctor or somthn.

cynic:-no I'll be fine(I hated going to the hospitals, the sick smell and all, with the air very septic and sterile smelling corridors where instantly u start to pray to baba God for forgiveness so u dont cross to the great beyond just by virtue of the fact tht ure thr.

N:u dont look fine , i insist oya let's go home at least, I'll take u home,I remember I was sitting on this double decker bed, up, he carried me like a baby in his arms like i WEIGHED NO MORE THA A BAG OF BONES WHC i WAS GRADUALLING BECOME JUDGing by the rate i was puking all my insides.

cynic-I'm fi...I rushed to the ladies for anoda bout,female hostel and all U WONT BLIV, N FOLLOWED ME DESPITE THE FACT THT HE WASN'T EVN IN MY UNI, WE GOT BACK ,HE CARRIED ME DOWN THE STAIRCASE OF MY HOSTEL., SOMEHOW UNDER 5 MINS HE HAD A TAXI waiting, he was bloody broke ass student but I can neva forget the bravity , the way he kept assuring me tht all will be well, by now I was resting my head on his lap, puking my insides out all over the taxi,N...and any oda thn in sight, I felt like I was gona die,I remember for some reason he stopped at this bungalow like 15mins drive, his friend , whom I also knew came out and he quickly exchanged pleasantries and we got back into the taxi and heade home, the fare then will hv cost a good 2k cos the distance was like frm vi to badagry,and tht was a lot of moni for a broke ass student(it was later , one day wen we were joking and gisting and yabbies, tht tht friend teased him ,dat omo u must have loved this silly girl gan ni o, u actually came to my house to borrow taxi moni) like him but WHERE i was, all I was doing was praying, dear lord if u get me alive and well out of htis I swear I'll drink only ragolis water henceforth,...omo i still drink pure water sef.

We got home , mom comes out panicked , mom's expression was all tooo easy to read as she took in me, my state, the guy.....im sure the tots in her head was ""oloriburuku boy, has impregnated my daughter o,(cos we landed my house at like half past 8),and has taken her for abortion whc didnt go well cos i KEPT CLUTCHING MY TUMMY,but tht was the day I knew my mom was the best actress cos all this she told me larer o, but she was acting kinda calm and collected.

mama cynic-wht happened, oya lets go with this sme taxi to hospital cos all the cars are out o, N stood firmly, in my sickness I was proud of him,

mama cynic-oya thank u my son(afta listening to me explain), u also luk like hell, go home we'll take her to the hospital.

N-I want to go to the hospital with o, i CANT LEAVE HER LIKE THIS MA, iF MY MOTHER COULD GIVE AWAY HER DAUGHTER RIGHT IN THT MOMENT, she would hv given him my hand in marriage , at tht age o, asking for nathn, she was scared as he was,well we got to the hospital.,and shall I say.....the rest including N sadly...they say os history.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I find that I cant rily talk abt my day with someone oda than c and the mention of "c said this c said that",this lifelong long friendship has come a long way-26yrs....how cheeky of me especially since c is my immediate and she's welll..26yrs old of course, not that we dont fight or we dont have those quarrels but i truly truly feel that C's the only person in this whole wide world that has truly got my back i mean with my eccentrics and all and bliv me wen i say i have major scoin scoin in my head.

wHEN i say we are different, we rily are cos im the world's scruge and she's the world's most generous person.....i mean not rily d world's but that might even be cos I've started rubbing off on her.She takes afta my mom, i tease her that"sista mi, o mo ila towo ko.for those wu are not yorubas or wu are but cant understand a word of tht it means literally my sista u dont know the tribal marks that the naira has on it, but u can only truly appreciate it figuratively which means she doesn't give too hoots abt the worth of "money" , like she doesnt send the naira, blivs, ninalowo,(thts a neighbor's surname by the way) and men! when u see their house u truly knw the reason for that surname.i am foreva waiting for sales , while my sis ffs the rule of i see it, i like it,im broke but i still get it.

gotta roll, as in my going home , to be contd tomorrow.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

mojo with a face

caucasian female,black guy.girl-very small petite.guy-tall slim very wel endowed.typical mojo setting except these guys made it look like it could been 2 pple wu cared very much bout each oda.oda dn dt it was a performance dy were going 2 b paid 4.mojos are gradually begining 2 loose their bite 4 me, excpt ds one dt inspired m 2 wna blog abt it. d guy proceeded 2 drive dis girl in2 a frenzy by gently licking her tru her blue satin panties,she's getn wet now n shes writhn u cn tel she cnt wait 4 d damn panties 2 b off n have hs tongue on her,inside her,but damn ds guy h cntinues teasing her til she cdnt bear it anymore n she shifts d satin panties 2 d side so h can taste her or at least so she cn fil hs moist tongue on her clitoris which is by d way quite beautiful-not bcos she b whyte chic o.but men!ds guy is literaly a motherfucker,emphasis on d fucker cos he sure made me wish i was in d chic's shoes,finaly he shfts d panties aside himself n proceeded 2 gv ds grl d most erotic cunninglingus i hd eva seen.juices were pouring n flowing outta ds chic like d osun riva n she wasnt evn comin yet.he was doing ds crazy combo of insertn a finga in2 her whil lickn her vulva at d same time, n by d knda moans escapn ds chics lips,d bros ws sure doin a lotta tns rite dwn dir.al he ws doin was lukn so gentel,tender as opposd 2 regular mojos where d guy literaly shoves his cock dwn whoevas throat.he was using only a fnga n he kept it moist by lickn intermitently b4 dipn it bk in2 her al d whl ds chc sef was shamelesly carresing her own vulva 2 n dippn her fngas alng wt d guy.d guy ws jst lickn al fngas at site o.my ppl it wsnt grose o.it was very seductive.d guy in questn was also a sight 4 sore eyes o as in wel built albeit a 2 pack but he was yummy. tnk in d flick he ws suposd 2 b a bartnda-reminded me of t-pain's song. d bobo get skills wel wel cos he evn had a standby bowl of icecubes.let me not describe wt he ws doin wt thoes lest i "come" myslf here n nw. fuckn proper started n ds my well endowd specie of a male was so considerate providn lube all d way inform of his saliva n taking care 2 dstngush cries of pain from those of pleasure.wen its in 2 deep n d babe yelps he lubricates n eases more of himself from inside her, evn d doggy ws classy nt dose dog on heat type u c in al ds oda mojos.d babe must have cm several tyms but i actualy saw it flowing out like 2ce. dn he carried her lyk u'd carry a new bride dat u hd paid 20 jars of palmwine 4 n fuckd her whl standing cos she was so petite n he so much bigger n cn u beat ds.... he didnt evn cm in her mouth lyk she was a whore

Friday, August 1, 2008


Men1 I am a junkie.........

A blog junkie....but wht were u expecting some juicy details abt dope or smthn,Its bad enough being a blog junkie

listen to this..
iM NEW TO THIS BLOGGING THING SO IT'Sbecome like a drug in my system,the other day i had 100 card on my phone,

I finished it and started feeling shaky like only a junkie does, i sprang up from my bed like a mad woman at abt like 12am, crept to my mom;s room,pratically tiptoed and stole the keys to her shop, went out to the door, quietly opened it...all this with nothing on but my panties,searched frantically and rummaged thru the shop until i found it....yeah where she keeps her mtn credit.......stole like 400 box credit and went back happliy and triumphantly to my room to resume blogging....

my sis nicknamed me blogege recently,well glad I found" it"...by "i"t i refer to blogging by the way. I promised the person who introduced me to this blogging thngy that it would neva reach a stage whr I would actually be posting stuff myself.....but look here i am , not bad though

so what do i write about today......

yes!Tall man no brain

I used to live in this neighbourhood, when i was much younger call it wiseville,i was about 9 and my sis about 7,call my sis C,C AND I were very naughty ,as in naughtiest kids on the block kinda naughty and we were around a lot, there were these lil thngs we loved to eat so much"fruits" stop the tooshness jare we used to call them "frunts",im sure u 'all knw wht i'm talkin abt.so surely and steadfastly C and i went to this frunt tree that we had been severely warned by the apparently toosh guy who had these 3 nasty little alsatians that we had seen how mean first hand they could be one day wen "toosh guy" himself could not silence them.

BUT TRUST C and I as naughty as could b, we still went along on thi escapade, c was supposed to be on the look out to c whether he waas home, she signalled to me that the coast ws clear so i took this big and long stick(now i wonder how i could manoveur this stick so well at tht age)
and started plucking the frunts we also had this large big bag to put our "loot" in after our escapade,engrossed i was in the whole plucking bizness when i heard" he's home" not too long i heard 2 wild things barking....."toosh guy had let his dogs loose on us.

All i remember is that i started running ....u know when ure running and ur heels touch the back of ur head,as i reached our gate, i heard c close behind me, tot i saw one of the dogs nibble at her heeel just before i shut the gate , a lil blood was coming from her heels and our mom "madam b" unfortunately for "tooshguy" saw us and asked wht happened.

She was mad and she called "toosh guy" and gave him the tonguelashing of his life......she ended it by calliing him ""Tall man no brain",yeah this guy was rily tall abt the tallest in wiseville

naughty c and I neva let "tooshguy" hear the last of it,everyday we saw him in the street we would yell"tall man no brains"" and burst out laughing.