Sunday, March 29, 2009


its sunday, im free so what better thing to do than to blog.

im gonna use a style of blogging i rily like made popular by......

you're not.then why is it that on ur birthday weekend u chose to spend time alone and indoors....well that wasnt my initial intention,but unfortunately it turned out that way......why did u not hang out with that guy,he seems sincere........he loves u.....duh!he loves me ke! when did he meet me,not to talk of falling in love with me....abegi guys are all the same jare.....maybe he's now desperate and has now realised that "oun ti ko..... o ti gbo bii gbure bury.".....dont think so...he told u tht not too long ago there was this chic who loved him so much and wanted to get introduced to his mom wht, is tht why he also "threatened to introduce me to his mom....."threatened ! ur bad, u say tht like its a bad thing.......he's beginining to reek of desperacy......introduce me to his mom.....already saying he loves whts ur problem with this guy sef......initially it was tht he's not goodlooking at all at all...but lately im beginning to think conversation wise to, he doesnt inspire me, he kinds of bores me......u're choosy!.....thts the way the cookie crumbles

so wht do u want to do with urself...... i wonder if i'll ever get married,seriously,if i dont get married before 30 i just might neva,"marriage gan sef ko wu mi lori"(im not that tripped about marriage) was ordained by God o......thts the only reason now why i would get married......what about companionship?u wouldnt have been so lonely on a bday weekend....well yes mayb.......but then again mayb not......i broke up with Sidney on my birthday 2 yrs ago remember.....oh yeah i can rememebr tht one, it was baaaaaaaaaaaad,u asked him outta ur car....u threw the bday card he bought for u at him,maybe in ur subconsious,u dont wana be happy.....who doesnt want to be happy, bone! thr is no human being on earth who doesnt want to be happy...infact i think all we do on earth is simply a constant strivance to pursue happiness .

ok so why did u also have to break the bad news to this one too on ur birthday...ur mean!...i had to do it......very clean and clinical cut neatly done via a txt message so it would not hurt so much cos i can see bobo don deyn imagine himself inlove with convenient!after u collected his cake.....speaking of cakes....i havent even eaten the cake sef.....its pathetic, i dont even have anyone to eat the cake with sef....i havent even cut it.....cake tht u will even be afraid to cut...looks like something u should only cut on ur wedding day....lafffsss...ur bad rily!.....didnt u see the cake had 2 layers....the top layer was the shape of a heart....if only i could will myself to fall in love with this guy walahi......instead i find myself thinking of the demon.....speaking of which my bro called me and started badgering me about when im gona get married....if only he did not introduce me to the demon, if only i was not so curious and adventurous....if only i did not fall in love with the they're wondering about the demon.sorry,couldnt help it

i'll stop this post here , im getting emotional.

p.s:-this post is to show someone out there tht sometimes i can be sue me!

Friday, March 27, 2009

its my party and i'll cry if i want to


sorry i cant post i'm so busy,im getting literally slapped with work.


Friday, March 20, 2009


PEEPS.I cant believe I'd ever be this busy I've not been able to post for more than 2 whole! thts like a century in blogsville,I going freestyle today so I'm gona talk about anythn and every thing

There's this my biatch of a colleague whos as wait...insecure as scenarios like this

in a group of guys and girls gisting laffing,she goes

Moji:-If I were a guy , I wouldnt even go out with you.

moi:-say wht!(trying to close my mouth tht was hanging in whr the hell did tht come from kinda expression,

moji:-you're too flat chested for me

moi:-but moji....max! ur just a cup size above me as in I'm a C cup and ur a C and half.(wtf!silly ass girl )now saef she's the C and I'M!

anoda scenario

moji:-u need to be sucking in ur tummy o.....

moi:-i do a double take cos now im dead sure her tummy is not flatter than mine........and i say,
moji "abemi?"(could it be me)

moji:-me i have given birth to a kid o

rily pissed and pained i wait for when i get my own

i over hear her telling someone

"leave tht in tht was the way she pronounced it(with the letter u changed to 'o' as in o for i say...also very loudly...madam moji, its not kobikle...its cubicle.

i figure 1-1

It also got me wondering is it me or does she do this with others,only for a girl to come to me 2 days later and say....."mizcynic......why is this chic so bitchy sef...i say whc chic...she pointed to moji.
moi:-wetin she do u?
chic:-imagine o , yesterday i said i want to hitch a ride with moji and her husband....tht was how moji told me to go and wear my jacket(after closing hours o)over my top...and not seduce her husband.and topped it with...all u have are ass and bom...u have no shape.
moi:-sho! na wa o...and i thot she was like tht with only me.

my conclusion;-biatch is just a very obtuse,insecure and jealous biatch.

another random thot tht crossed my mind is sis and I whenever we see a guy, in a movie or at a party or something...mayb drives "eki"..(rough) for us on the road or is doing something weird or otherwise.....our usual saying is ...."mi o le date guy yen",meaning-i can't date that guy...its not as if we have a "bevy"...of guys in tow or something o...quite the contrary but whenever we see a guy...we are able to immediately size him up and say"mio le date guy yen" he said he wants to date us!.

I have this boss....we're very close and we be going for a parri sef next saturday sef other colleagues think she's very strict cos im almost always caught in the one day i try to tell her jokingly tht seems to pple tht ur too strict and I'm the only one who gets along with you...why are u always tht strict now...blah blah blah...u could cut them a lil slack u know....

her response was"mo ti pe ni banking industry o mizcynic....very soon mo ma to gba awon entitlements mi...wait for this!....dont know if u've all heard it but i neva until tht day..."mi o le wa fi iso kekere badi je".....(llllliterally it means...I've spent so long in the banking industry o...WONT BE LONG BEFORE I COLLECT MY ENTITLEMENTS...I CANT COME AND USE SMALL MESS TO SPOIL MY YANSH."....i burst out thr u have it my colleagues...biffers of my dearest boss..."won o le a fi iso kekere badi

What is it with guys and bra size sis was chatting anonymously with some guy on the phone....

guy:-so where do work?

sis:-tamedo & lagbaja trading ltd.

guy:-i whts ur bra size?...just like tht! the same breathe as where do u work like he didnt hear her response well and heard "y-not niteclub instead"..idiot oshi...randy pig!.

Monday, March 2, 2009


The experiment:-To determine whether it is necessary to play games at all where relationships are concerned-the female perspective

Aim:-T o find out whether ity is necessary to play games in a relationship.

1.3 unattached,single,looking for a relationship and free to be in a relationship emotionally GUYS
2.average looking guys(this is to eliminate the possibility of it being their looks that make them behave the way they do....)
3. a female:-(also average looking:-this is to eliminate bias on the part of the guys and to eliminate the affordability of the girlto overplay hard to get.)
4.A three weeks relationship each(each guy with the girl concerned)

Girl meets Boy,call him R1,they chat and find out they have a lot in common and girl finds R1 attractive , just like R1 also feels that Girl Is attractive.

R1 calls girl incessantly and they have great conversation, he also sends texts frequently to girl and girl replies.....girl plays first card which is to reply his texts but not call him.....

R1 keeps calling and every thing seems fine until suddenly.....R1 stops calling and texting and maintains no communication at first this worries girl and girl thinks of calling...but girl now gets annoyed and says wht the heck.....this is the beginning stages.,he should do all chasing.A week passes R1 still doesn't call or txt still.......Girl chins....

Then after a week, R1 sends a text....."hello, how are u doing...just said i shd say hi"!

R2 was introduced to girl thru a mutual friend,after he complained its hard to find a girl of same religion he likes, he does the chasing actively because he knows hes the man and he gots to.....girl also reciprocates by replying txt msgs but once again plays tht card of not calling...everythn goes on well as they have great conversation ..all of a sudden R2 plays tht same card , not calling or txting for a week,girl misses him but thinks wtf!...
coincidentally R2 txts exactly same day as R1 with a txt tht read thus "salam alaykum girl"....girl ignores txt and he calls with some bullshit story of the silence was supposed to be a test.once again wtf!

R3:-this is the control....hes supposed nice and its a fairytale story....girl lets down her guards and she thinks R3 does same too..she is plain and very open about the fact tht she actually likes him and wht not...just like he also proclaims....come 4 weeks .....R3 stops calling, txting...girl does all calling/txting with the excuse he is busy....gradually R3 begin to show withdrawal symptoms....and does not call anymore.

In GIRL VS R1, the guy polishes up his act and is now more serious than ever, girl is seriously considering a relationship with him but does not call him or txt him first......R1 is ever more attentive.

In girl vs R2,same results occur.

In the control however, it was noticed that girl's heart got broken

1.Handsome guys are egocentric,conceited and arrogant,ugly guys overmake up for their ugliness and are thus overtly nice,naive,inassuming and humble...therefore for the purpose of this average guy was chosen....which equals"normal guy"
2.All other factors are equal.i.e ceteris paribus being financial and social status

Conclusion:-It is necessary to play some games where relationships are concerned.