Friday, March 20, 2009


PEEPS.I cant believe I'd ever be this busy I've not been able to post for more than 2 whole! thts like a century in blogsville,I going freestyle today so I'm gona talk about anythn and every thing

There's this my biatch of a colleague whos as wait...insecure as scenarios like this

in a group of guys and girls gisting laffing,she goes

Moji:-If I were a guy , I wouldnt even go out with you.

moi:-say wht!(trying to close my mouth tht was hanging in whr the hell did tht come from kinda expression,

moji:-you're too flat chested for me

moi:-but moji....max! ur just a cup size above me as in I'm a C cup and ur a C and half.(wtf!silly ass girl )now saef she's the C and I'M!

anoda scenario

moji:-u need to be sucking in ur tummy o.....

moi:-i do a double take cos now im dead sure her tummy is not flatter than mine........and i say,
moji "abemi?"(could it be me)

moji:-me i have given birth to a kid o

rily pissed and pained i wait for when i get my own

i over hear her telling someone

"leave tht in tht was the way she pronounced it(with the letter u changed to 'o' as in o for i say...also very loudly...madam moji, its not kobikle...its cubicle.

i figure 1-1

It also got me wondering is it me or does she do this with others,only for a girl to come to me 2 days later and say....."mizcynic......why is this chic so bitchy sef...i say whc chic...she pointed to moji.
moi:-wetin she do u?
chic:-imagine o , yesterday i said i want to hitch a ride with moji and her husband....tht was how moji told me to go and wear my jacket(after closing hours o)over my top...and not seduce her husband.and topped it with...all u have are ass and bom...u have no shape.
moi:-sho! na wa o...and i thot she was like tht with only me.

my conclusion;-biatch is just a very obtuse,insecure and jealous biatch.

another random thot tht crossed my mind is sis and I whenever we see a guy, in a movie or at a party or something...mayb drives "eki"..(rough) for us on the road or is doing something weird or otherwise.....our usual saying is ...."mi o le date guy yen",meaning-i can't date that guy...its not as if we have a "bevy"...of guys in tow or something o...quite the contrary but whenever we see a guy...we are able to immediately size him up and say"mio le date guy yen" he said he wants to date us!.

I have this boss....we're very close and we be going for a parri sef next saturday sef other colleagues think she's very strict cos im almost always caught in the one day i try to tell her jokingly tht seems to pple tht ur too strict and I'm the only one who gets along with you...why are u always tht strict now...blah blah blah...u could cut them a lil slack u know....

her response was"mo ti pe ni banking industry o mizcynic....very soon mo ma to gba awon entitlements mi...wait for this!....dont know if u've all heard it but i neva until tht day..."mi o le wa fi iso kekere badi je".....(llllliterally it means...I've spent so long in the banking industry o...WONT BE LONG BEFORE I COLLECT MY ENTITLEMENTS...I CANT COME AND USE SMALL MESS TO SPOIL MY YANSH."....i burst out thr u have it my colleagues...biffers of my dearest boss..."won o le a fi iso kekere badi

What is it with guys and bra size sis was chatting anonymously with some guy on the phone....

guy:-so where do work?

sis:-tamedo & lagbaja trading ltd.

guy:-i whts ur bra size?...just like tht! the same breathe as where do u work like he didnt hear her response well and heard "y-not niteclub instead"..idiot oshi...randy pig!.


LG said...


miz-cynic said...

lg:-did u read???

LG said...

.u need to be sucking in ur tummy o
KAI!! moji get bad mouth o :-)
*as per ur boss' she don tel u as e dey do am nah, if na u nko??? :-)

njoy ur w'end

LG said...

lollllll shakira' i no read am' i scan am :-)

*how u??

Caelestis Angelus! said...

really randomish. Someone should slap that moji chic for her husband o. I dont like people that miss yarn

wordmerchant said...

lol@madam moji, its not kobikle...its wa oo...she always has something to say.

some pple just have no apt!!

Funms-the rebirth said...

lmao at ur colleague, she has major beef for u o! But u got her sha. What was her facial expression like? And who can blame ur boss. Oh btw hope ur sis hung up on d shallow dude

CaramelD said...

Your colleague needs to relax!

Afrobabe said...

lol...The trick with people like that Moji girl is to point out her every mistake and whatever else...they soon stop talking cos they aren't sure what your response will be...

Tigeress said...

lol@ the asking ur sister her bra size. Dude sound like an idiot.

Ur boss seems aiit.

As for th eMoji babe, meeehhhnnn Miz-cyniz u need to X her immediately. dont even waste time. U dont need negative/ugly people like that around u. Avoid her like a plague.

LusciousRon said...

Nice way to cap a week! I laughed my ass off to think I was trying to escape a last minute meeting.

There are several ladies like Moji. I would tell her off one day if it were me. Unless she is my boss or something.

Dude is a randy fool. Imagine? No subtlety. Where did all the nice guys go?

I like your boss jare! Give them an inch and they would take a mile. have a fab wkd!

Uzezi said...

put that moji in an envelope and mail over to me. cant stand such people at all

Buttercup said...

Ahnahn wetin do that moji?? Bitterness aint the ish o..

Lol @ u and ur sis..presumptuous fellows! :D

Anonymous said...

LMAO at Moji. Poor poor woman, I feel sorry for her a little. It must suck to be her though!
Silly randy guy!

miz-cynic said...

@lg:-abi o.iya oniya...kan ma lo fose yi at die min.

DAT MOJI DID ME ANODA ONE BEFORE WE WENT HOME TODAY SO ITS NOW cooking up mine for her but imm serving it cold men!

@caelestus:-she needs to be slapped by her husband more like it.

@wordmerchant:-she throws them like bombs in outta the blues...funny thing is im secure enuff to even give her props say she be chic,as in fine chic , so wetin be her one is in competition with her now.

@funms:-it was so hard for her cos her surbodinates were thr,people she forced to start addressing her as ma,she tried very hard to laff it off...and i hard a smug look of satisfaction on my face.

@caramel d:-tht she cannot do.

miz-cynic said...

me i will kill this blogger o...u go reply comments ,be feeling like one don dada stupid blogger will come and eat all ur comments

doug said...


"mi o le wa fi iso kekere ba idi je"


Well she does have a point o!

And whats your own with the bra size man sef? Are you jealous that your own bra size was not the matter under discussion. MSCHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!

doug said...

PS- I always copy my comments before I submit them. Particularly when I'm replying a lot of comments. It would be heartbreaking to have to type them again.

bumight said...

we all know the types of moji, they have serious hidden body image problems, no be their fault.

i guess bra size is now the in-thing, then again, the whole of blogville already knows mine lol!

ibiluv said...

whats the difference btw

how tall are you???


whats your bra size???

she should have just asked him how long his dick is????

exschoolnerd said...

Moji is a classic case of someone who doesnt know "how to talk"....chei i cant stand people like that!!!

about that line "mi o le wa fi iso kekere ba idi je"

i think its the new fad...there r oda lines out there basically means i no fit gock(dull myself, be a mugu...etc)

here r some odas ive heard...

'mi o le fi henessy mu garri'

'mi o le lap maloo de ketu'

'mi o le wind up lori okada'

timi said...

After all said and done, 'tis not people's response to us that matters (just as their opinions are personal and not necessarily facts) but, our reactions to their response.

Penelope said...

ahhh..Moji Can like to take a chill pills oh..Why all the hating?..and the last question abut boiz asking bou your bra size?...Yes oh..ive been wondering the exact same thing!
Its quite appalling..and it's not evn a nice thing to ask..especially when the girl's 4rm the *itty bitty titty* commitee..hiss

Geebee said...

Lol @ Moji. Nagging colleagues and friends could sometimes be a nightmare and much as you hate to have them around, you can hardly endure their absence. . . The randy pig was crazy. Wetin concern where do you work with bra size? Some guys cannot just stop being irritating and they tend to stain our general profile as guys.

Writefreak said...

Na wa for Moji o...but there are so many Mojis in this world, people who hide theair insecurity in being unnecessarily mean to others...

miz-cynic said...

afro:-thts wht i do o, i point out all her faux paux.

@ tigeress:-thank God I'm NOT THT CLOSE TO HER.

@luscious:-shes not my boss o.she wishes!

musco said...

how does moji's husband cope?

maybe sm1 needs to 'size' her up once & for all!

Anonymous said...

ess true oh...abi iwo o mo n pe iso kekere fadiya ju ni?

princesa said...

Moji's got mega issues o!

How u been dear?

E don tay o


na wa for moji oh!

Someone asked your sis her bra size , just like that?

o ga oh!

wellsbaba said...

OMO e b lyk sey na only girls dey comment for dis post o..d post sef dey girl ish lol but dis moji no try o

miz-cynic said...

uzezi:-u said u cant stand moji, yet u want me to put her in an envelope and mail her to

@burrax:-tht girl no dey try at all....she's so insecure....tht my colleague said we shd plan for her and say one day wen she's wearing one of her inappropriate attires...."moji, dont u know ur a married woman....o de ma wowokuwo".lol.

@temite:-werin dey? it rily hrts to be her o...or near her sef for tht matter.


doll said...

Hmm..totally random…don’t even know which one to comment on…so am typing his to say…”I was here”

deola said...


Cidersweet said...

Wow, Moji is having too many issues.
Enjoyed the post!