Monday, July 28, 2008


As I was saying, I made sure I kept him waiting for at least 2 hrs and he knew I was awake and only just refused to open the door , by now he was fuming and spoiling for a fight
S-just dont open this door or else u're done for

Immediately I opened u need to see the rains of punches I felt on on my chest and all , i just kept my cool and dug my teeth into his thigh and kept biting, the more he punched me, the more i bit ,he kept the punches harder, i sunk my teeth deeper, I was at a point where I wasnt feeling the pains of the punches anyore but I could taste blood, tht was when he left me and said "u're a witch u this girl"

I woke up the next morning feeling like excuse my yoruba "won ti lu mi nigi"(like I had been beaten with wood) but i was smiling an inner smile knowing the scar frm my bite will linger forever.......

Aries the Ram

I am stubborn!very much so,sometimes i wonder why I am so stubborn, Is there somewhr in my past where I developed this horrid,sometimes cool personality trait but sometimes I found tht it has actually helped me a lot though it has also got me into a lot of trouble also

Sometimes when ure at that place when u need to make crucial decisions in your life abou"u",(as in only u o and not any other person being directly invoved in the repercussions of tht decision), I find that my stubborness leads to tenacity which in turn leads 2determination which in turns leads to perseverance,i could go on and on which in turn leads to doggedness so do u still think that stubborness is a "horrid" person trait cos from where I'm standing or should i say sitting all those other character traits are fantastic

Yeah, if u recall the title of this blog is "Aries the Ram",Rams are stubborn,my zodiac sign is aries so maybe tht explains it.

I recall some ocasions in the past,this one had to do with the trouble part

1.One day my elder bro, lets call him Mr.S was knocking, he had done something to hurt me earlier so I had decided that I wasnt going to open the door,plus i WASNT ABOUT TO BE INTERRUPTED FROM A BEAUTY SLEEP whr i was dreaming some rily luvly dreams but the knocks were getting harder now
T-"miz-cynic open this door now., I'll kill u when I get inside cos I know u can hear me and I'v been standing here for the past 1 hr.(Im new here so to be contd)