Thursday, January 29, 2009

i got promoted effective 1st jan i had always known it was inevitable tht as soon as i get tht promotion i become head of my unit the same unit tht is termed"problem unit" technically u become head of problems, i who was so used being supervised has now become the supervisor.....and wht did i whom much is given...much is expected.....frankly my branch can not afford the salaries aS ABOUT 6 PPLE GOT PROMOTED at the same time...i had always thot tht before tht time came i would have left the company or somthing but it seems tht the more i tried to leave the stickier the "superglue" they must have used to tie me down much so i begin to think to myself..."abi won ri ibi mi sibi ni"" bumight take tht...translate....!before u start luking for yoruba dictionary i'll tell u..."did they bury my placenta there?" ...

in two weeks i begin my sojourn in "problem",,,,as in literally.....this sojourn has taken some to panti,led some to be disgraced by pple not even old enuff to be their first daughters(remember baba ondo), it has also led some into the beds of their superiors...all in the name of looking for d same vein...i wonder , wht sort of head of problems will i be?...i know i'll be overseeing at least 3 pple....who are in their own rights...heads of their own "problems",even though they man the seat all alone.....I cant help but think this is the time to be closer to God...and shed some of my goofy...,lay-abt attitude(I too cAN BE SERIOUS O),,,,but wait o...i cant afford to loose tht my goofy edge cos thts wht keeps the work going and keeps u on top of the job and not the other way round. I would like to think the 5 years tht i worked as surbodinates to about 5 or more different head of problems should have prepared me for the daunting task ahead...but if i know anything for sure.....5 things
I would not be the sort of H.O.P(head of problems) 1. that would become so scary to her surbodinates tht coming to work each morning would be like going to fACE A FIRING SQUAD.....I.E MY 2ND TO THE LAST H.O.P
2.I DEFINITELY WOULD BE THE SORT THT WOULD WELCOME..useful...and i mean only useful sugestions from her surbodinates.
3. the sort to teach and be a mentor to them
4. not allow the problems overweigh me to the extent tht the "desk" no longer has a human face.
5. tht would not be able to shield/protect my surbodinates and act as their voltron if need be when the higher authorities are abt to strike...i.e awon iya...and i mean awon iya osoronga.....right at the toppest top.

so eyin guys...wish me luck.....but trust ur c.v has started flying places....i gotta get outta here!aaarrggh.....won ri ibi mi mo bi ni...5yrs!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


what shall i blog about todAY.

I've come to feel like i know some bloggers thru reading, commenting,teasing and all on their blogs....Feel like doing something naughty...I want to write abt some of my favorite doing the male bloggers today..I want to write a lil of what i think they're like or lemme just say wht i'd like to think they're like.

Chari:-If i could describe chari in word, I'd say very"NAUGHTY".bUT i think inside that naughty young man is someone ambitious......who probably has a rich dad but sill wants to make a big success of himself all by himself.....He's funny, humorous....wiser than his years...cos before I met him I actually thot he'd be in his late 20s and then i saw him and saw tht he's in his early n twenties with a lot of life experiences even more than his older counterparts and I see him as someone who's down to earth although will probably do the whole designer effizzy guys do these days and definitely make a very attentive boyfi. big ups buttercups....ur a lucky girl....I remember the collabos with esn tht got me laffing and thinking this "butter" boy too wan de form ajepaki.i ALSO SEE HIM AS SOMEONE WHO'S LIBERAL AND SENSITIVE TO PPLE'S FEELINGS...NOT JUDGEMENTAL and who can see things objectively.

Rethots:-I would say rethots was not one of the bloggers i used to read religiously until recently...and i found tht if i were to describe him in one'll be "EFIKO".i USED TO THINK HIS IDEAS WERE VERY RIGID AND INFLEXIBLE UNTIL I REALISED HE'S JUST ONE OF THOSE PPLE THT MAKE U FEELthey just wana make u feel they are always right without actually meaning to.He has actually been one of the bloggers tht i see mails frm in my box....whether he's polite to a fault ni o ...i dont know but i see follow-up mails which i neva do...and i thot to myself.....the feeling bigger than u vibes i get is because thats just the way he is ....he has a very complex mind......One comment that rily struck me with rethots was when i was actually talking abt one guy tht i read his chat and fell out with was "do u love him" in my mind i was like l a gbe ki le ju...someone i just met....but he's someone i can actually talk to and go to with a problem if i have one...

Baroque:-I dont think i can put this person in a box ...but if i were to try the one word would be"INTERESTING"lil wonda u get the feeling...he's perpetually flirting with all of blogsville females half the time....his posts are always interesting reads for me...and one disturbing post frm this guy was the one abt ....continuing to hammer one girl even though she clearly said stop...and i think to myself....he'll have to do a lot to explain with tht one...he must really have charisma though because.....soon enuff all of blogsville forgot abt tht post and moved on .he seems like a fun loving guy and also a very intelligent and intuitive one... he tries to mask his sensitivity under a mask of male ruggedness but he also reveals this sensitive side with some posts about a girl he loved and blah blah.vanity also seems to be a part of this guy and i see him as someone whom first encounters will count with and if he likes u a first time , it'll take a lot for him to shake tht feeling...i might be wrong though...its just my thots ...remember.

Tintin:-I came across this guys blog too very recently and i love reading it.very young and vibrant interesting read.He has a captivating nature...and a very healthy dose of enthusiasm abt life although this might be cos i think he's quite young and still having the time of his fav post was tht one he was talking abt male vs female opinions on third base or something of the was a very interesting read..WEll i see him as someone who gets propositoned by females quite frequently so I think he's probably handsome in a mesmerising way...probably has a good body too....

FBA:-I might be partial here but i think this guy is as real as they get so my one word for this guy is "HONEST' in he says whts on his mind without mincing words...can also be very goofy AND PLAYFUL..he seems like a guy tht would be very strict in relationships ,expecting to get as much as he gives and expecting 50-50.He seems like he's be friendly and outgoing and would also be very sensitive to pple's feelings...He seems like he would be very passionate abt anything he does with a philosophy of wht is worth doing is worth doing well.which shd making too i

musco:-i ACTUALLY MET HIM TOO AND HE SEEMED VERY QUIET AND PROBABLY DEEP.i notice on his blogs hes also not too tactful....if u put up a post and he has to comment...he does not sugacoat...u'd almost think he's admonishing u....but its a ll cool cos id rather true words than suga-coated ones

ALOOFAR:-ONE WORD 'goofy"HES VERY FUNNY AND HAS THE ABILITY TO CRACK ME UP with some of his one liners....i dnt know if it was him or jAGUDA THT SAID in response to a post frm allied abt one liPs disease guy like tht and one guy tht was yarning some shit...and he said....he shd be slapped either rily cracked me up....i lAFFED REPEATEDLY....

jaguda:-mr erotic...i like reading his posts cos they are in between baroque and ubongda...if u want a sexy post tht is...its more subtle than ubongda...u know when these hollywood directors a young girl tht is trying to break in..."dnt worry girl...its porn but it'll be done tastefully.

to be contd....i wont even have time to edit.

Friday, January 9, 2009

how miz-cynic got her groove on

So this time sunday I was looking forward some "rumurumu" as a silly friend of mine calls see i had called up my ex ex boldly,cos i feel very comfortable with him and i know where he stands with me and vice-versa.....

fastforward to afternoon, he called me saying cynic...cynic , red folks are home....for sentimental reasons he still stays with his folks. his dad died and he wanted to give his mom some time before anoda male presence...her first born for that mata moves out again.also im buddy buddy with his mom since she'd always side with me then when we were dating wheneve we have any quarrel.this made me feel very uneasy with the escapade i had in mind.

He suggested we use their sch(a primary school)....he's the since his dad passed away and we decided to use the headmistress's office....u can imagine how naughty and desperate i was ....sha..we got their ..gateman opens we get in we lock up and down to business.

wont give the juicy details but i remember somewhr along the line reanswering afro's question and confirming that never say never...cos he came very fast and i didnt even notice until i felt cum in my in directly in my throat and i actually swallowed ....reflex i guess......eeeew!!!!!!!!!!se! no! didnt taste too bad and i immediately kissed him back on the mouth with the same mouth . punishment for letting it in my mouth when he knows how i feel abt it.

Bros and I rearranged clothes and stepped outside ...only to realise that we had been locked in.....yea! by the silly baba gateman...I burst into lafta immedaitely and said ...see my life.if pple ask....ok aunty what were u too luking for inside iinocent little children's school on a sunday.....abi this na sunday sch???

I had to wait for rescue by the second key holder....his bro! who kept smiling one mischievious smile....funny enuff i smiled back.