Monday, January 11, 2010


Omo, i see am life and direct se, no be joke,......the guy join to the girl ni o.
uuuhm, otun ti de....(.u don come again) ......howwwwwwwwwwwww?how can ?how can man and woman join together like that wen e no be say na superglue dem take gum dem.

apparently this chic na fine babe, so when it became apparent to her hubby that she dey do some kin runs , e come place "magun" on am .

ehn ehn, so wetin come happen

the guy come escape ni o, so that dem no go come beg am, or find any remedy.

but in this day and age, some pple still dey carry magun put for person bodi, o ga o!

the story is that the woman in question is vey fine so she has a lot of toasters.

so u agree too thast she is promiscuous i no know o

Whts the one me i know as per magun is the one that the guy will somersault 3 times and after the third time if thr is no intervention , he dies

what about the one of thirst

thirst ke?!

yes , thirst.....when he finishes the act,he suddenly has the urge to drink water, as in he will be very soon as he drinks water....he dies,
interesting!me i have neva heard of the one of thirst before o, the other one i know is the one that he crows like a cock after the act, and then he dies.

which brings me to the point......and my inspiration for this post -sugarking's post.
why should anyone place magun on u born am!u be GOD?!
I think the only reason why any one would do that is vendetta cos rily, this magun ...all the different types are not preventive.....they only work have the person has slept with your wife and all of them have expiry period as in even if ur wife remains faithful to u she dies within a stipulated time frame too if nothing is done...recall THE MOVIE "THUNDERBOLT" starring Uche Obi Osotule.

If the real definition of MAGUN were to be followed,it should be preventive rather then "vengeful cos its MAGUN-DON'T CLIMB not "GUN KO KU "(CLIMB AND DIE) or somthn else.

anyways sha my pple, my own take on infidelity is simple. If u cannot trust ur significant other, as in if u have proof that she is gun-ing other peeps or other peeps are gun-ing her then leave/divorce her before u die before ur time of hypertension.