Thursday, January 20, 2011

part 2

as i was coming out cos by now i was so relaxed in her company............
egyptian:-'Your zipper is undone, pls zip it up'...with half a chuckle.  
mizcynic:-why are u smiling like that?
egyptian:-its just that people could think we have been up to something.
mizcynic:-what?how?!chuckling too , I replied "its not possible".
egyptian:-why?!don't be too sure.....u're really looking very hot tonight, mizcynic....with a flirty smile, "been wanting to kiss u all night".

BUT AT THE SAME TIME, random thots just started flying thru my head
my Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde sides started having conversations in my head.......
Dr Jekyl:-This is so weird, wrong even.I had better bail before she grabs me and kisses me and......
Mr find out you are enjoying it and start to respond
Dr Jekyl:-ENJOYING IT KE!God forbid?....I'm not a lesbain now
Mr Hyde:-with a naughty smile....aren't you just a little bit curious see how that glorious hair of hers ...would feel,to see if when you touch her her nipples she'll flinch ...or moan just a see if things got a lil further , you'll derive a smug satisfaction knowing that u touched her down there are she was moaning uncontrollably and then you just stop midway and say sorry babe i gotta go,i can';t do this
Dr Jekyl:-that would be wicked!
Mr Hyde:-so.....u were thinking along those lines....with a soft teasing chuckle.
Dr Jekyl:-of course not....infact I had better leave before I allow u put unholy thots into my head...besides I AM ENGAGED! a man!I am HETEROSEXUAL....very much so.

mizcynic:-"babe, I gotta go"...after minutes of uncomfortable silence that I was trying to make uncomfortable by inserting random gists
egyptian:-"now?! really,we should set another date for the movie".....
mizcynic:-yeah, will let u know
egyptian:-I'll see u off

We go downstairs , she waited with me for a while until the bus came and when I was about to enter she pulled me back and hugged me...."a little too tight"...chuckled Mr HYDE.

Monday, January 10, 2011

LG ordered me to

story story......ok since it was gist LG asked for here goes

Pls solve this riddle for me o, my pple,chic from egypt in my class, pretty,cute, nice healthy hair...excuse me that im describing a female in detail but you'll soon see why..... a lil snobbish....still on the fence about whether i wana be her friend or not cos for me she blows hot and cold......this is how we met.

 Some students from my class including her headed to the cafeteria with a guy volunteering to explain a particular topic to us, a nigerian btw,during the discussion.....egyptian girl decides to bring up what happened in class earlier,my first class btw cos i resumed late, apparently she already had a reputation for being a snob.....egyptian girl:why were those silly indian peeps hating on me cos i told the lecturer the truth abt their presentation which was horrible btw...i couldnt resist the urge...mizcynic: why do u care?,especially as you didnt seem to care when you were putting down their presentation  infront of the entire class.turning around to see who dared to speak to her majesty that way,egytian chic: i was only giving an honest opinion.....mizcynic: honesty is another thing, not having anythn positive or good to say about a presentation other pple worked their ass off researching  no matter how bad you think it is is another.egytian girl: positive critisms are good....mizcynic: even the lecturer who in this case had a superior opinion by all of our standards had something good to say to every group,bottomline, say what is good or keep quiet! needless to say everybody labelled me vocal from then on, apparently the group consisted of her fans.

Truthfully I wasnt biffing this chic infact if i wasnt 100% heterosexual , i might even admit an attraction,I liked her.I thot she was gutsy.I also liked that she had nice hair to to mention a cute butt (at least to me),surprisng after the conversation something changed, she wanted to be my friend...not the reaction i expected but I didnt mind.

In subsequent days we had some other playful banters,exchanging supposedly flirty times like wen her group went around telling other groups not to ask question during one of our major presentations so that we wuld only have the lecturers asking questions, only to get to the presentation and one member of her group trying to sabotage other groups presentation by asking too tricky questions, i got angry cos they did it to my group so I decided to retaliate.

they were the last group so The lecturer said...last group, how does it girl said....they are so lucky....they got to take ideas from other pples presentation to which i shot back , not so lucky because we get to also ask them more questions since we now have all finished our presentations and we have nothing to lose, apparently the indian sect in my class of whc I was getting quite close to a few of its members detested her and couldnt understand how someone they liked so much(me) could be friends with someone they hated so much (her).It was like the lion being close friends to the lamb, of my own indian friends actually started to call her my girlfriend( i suspect she was a lil jealous) to whc i just laughed off.sorry back to the gist at hand.....i started firing off difficult questions...they were stammering, this only mad ethe biffers follow suit with more horrible questions and punctures to their argument, the lecturer had to end it by saying we were being unfair.....after the class, i noticed she was sulking so i went over to her and apologised, told her they shda kept to their side of the bargain especially since they were the pioneers of the idea of "no questions".we kissed and made up[figuratively)..get ur minds outta the gutter.

She told me abt her boyfriend back home not calling and of this hot date she was having that nite, i asked to meet him she said she wanted alone time with him and she wanted to meet him first.She was all dressed up and looking very sexy. I told her I'd like all the juicy details wen she got back.Next morning she called me to the side and said....She had a good time but thr was something bad tht he said tht she did not like...ill edit most of the gist cos of time but the koko is sha tht after the dinner they ended up at hers and made out, drank,smoked,yea...she smokes. He crashed for a bit and when he wanted to start forcing her to do more than than smooching, she asked him oh ha, what is it....what do u want?.....dude(read as dumb dude)said i wana fuck you.I was flabbergasted....I said just like that.....who says that?she said as soon as she explained to him that sorry tht wasnt wht she was looking for he started apologising saying he thot that was wht she wanted , that most of this english chics he meets just wana fuck after a nite out.....she said ....not me!....he apologised and started treating her better by calling, saying romantic stuff...."I listened and careful!but you can go with the flow.

Fastforward to a week larer she invited me for a movie and I was to meet up in her room, my first time of going to her room.we gisted , generally teased and had a good time and we forgot about the movie while waiting for asda.somewhr along the lines i went to the ladies and i think i forgot to buckle up my belt as i was coming out cos by now i was so relaxed in her company............

to be continued.........gotta go read small. owo ko gbodo jona(money must not burn)

plssssssssssssssssssss watch this