Friday, February 20, 2009


I an naive>>>>>very much so...sometimes i feel like giving myslef a knock on the head.....not every guy with an interesting mind will make a good partner....physical attraction plays a very important role....damn it cynic...i thot u knew better.

I like fine boiz>>>>>>very much so....cynic! wake. up!..fine boiz are usually the most self assured,egocentric,arrogant why in God's name do u like fine boiz! they are bad news!

I am actually nice>>>>>very much so.....I aarrggh!!i who thought iwas a nasty bitch...actually reviewed something very selfless i realised is happening to me.......i realised tht someone very close to me whom i love so much is jealous of the fact tht i had someone i wanted to marry earlier and since her opinion mattered so much to me,notice i said mattered......i let go of tht person(long story)...and ever since i realise this person just does not seem comfortable with me getting married before the nice part of it is actually tht i love her so much tht i wont mind sacrificing getting married even at 35...just so this person i love so much and im so protective of...can have her happily ever after before me....note! she's younger sick is sef i didnt realise i can be this sucks!

I'm EMOTIONAL:-i used to think i was stone cold steve austin...until.....recently....I CRIED FOR A SILLY MOVIE.....CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC!imagine!

I'M QUIET:- ...actually this should read as i can be quiet,I have this chatterbox of a i know i like to talk...very much so!...remember gisting is my past time but men! can this girl talk!........she talked to me one day to the extent tht my enthusiasm was diminishing at the rate of 5 comments per 30mins to 1 comment per 1 hr to outrightly ignoring her and doing something completely keeping im very very quiet around her.

i like red:-i find tht recently i wear more red than usual.....been rocking red lipstick too much recently...also have this"itele apoti"(d baff i'll kack when i wanna meet ...say a president...probably Obama.)...its in red.

I like my own company:-I CAN BE VERY COMFORTABLE in my own company...i do a variety of things to entertain,not watch t.v,browse,write down my thoughts,write down grocery lists as if im a pretend housewife and figureout how much i'll need for house keeping,watch porn.,e.t.c...i was indoors one my room and i put off the light and no one knew i was indoors...and it was bliss for me.

I am close to my mum:-as much as i would love to deny this....ask my sis.....she and moms are like cats and dogs while we're like bonnie and clyde and i swear it all crept up on me....i even told her the real reason i broke up with my last ex.........told her i was still emotionally attached to another while dating him....i just close to my mother!aargh!

My friends have jaboed me:-not that i care....i guess they realise i'm not the calling-calling goes last time i called my supposed best friend-last week!,my sister(d one i dont live with)-6 months ago,my bro:-5 months ago,my other bro:-5 months ago...note i get to communicate some way or anoda with them...which is all tht matas right!...i yahoo messenger them, they call me(more of this).....wht have u.

I can be a size 6 in no time if i wanted on a diet now and iv dropped a dress size in 1 month....but i dont want to be size 6....i wana be uk size 10 thank u.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

adventures of lil miz-cynic

lil miz-cynic was skipping down the road with her aide camp(her lil sis).....skip skip skip skip.....they ran into 2 lil kids..(sistas )and 2 more lil kids came out to play.lil miz-cynic stood by and said to lil sis...."lets watch how they play."..lil girl A says to lil girl B "remove her pant"pointing to lil girl C....lil miz-cynic watched with her mouth hanging lil girl A started to lick lil girl C'S least for a full 3 mins....lil miz-cynic closes her open mouth and moved forward with lil sis pointing to lil girl B...she yelled.."bottom opener".....then to lil girl A .."bottom licker"nyama!...even though they all became friends....lil miz-cynic neva allowed bottom opener and licker to have their way with her or her lil sis...and told all of the neighbourhood kids about the incidence and they were nickname bottom opener and bottom licker thereafter.

"tell us a story, tell us a story....lil miz-cynic tugged at daddy cynic's trouser one day."lil mizcynic....iv exhausted all my stories...leave me alone....pls daddy , pls daddy...cried lil miz-cynic....okay said daddy cynic......(i must mention here tht lil miz-cynic's muslim name is Shakirat) goes the story says daddy cynic ..."once upon a time""..."time time" replied lil miz-cynic she gathered all her other sibs to listen to daddy's story....daddy cynic contiued..."there was a shark and a rat......her other sibs burst out laffing.....lil mizcynic was very upset and she started to punch daddy cynic in the shoulders......saying....a shark and a rat indeed!
S-H-A-K-I-R-A-T....shark and rat...a combination of nher muslim name.

to be continued......(my browser is acting up!)