Friday, February 20, 2009


I an naive>>>>>very much so...sometimes i feel like giving myslef a knock on the head.....not every guy with an interesting mind will make a good partner....physical attraction plays a very important role....damn it cynic...i thot u knew better.

I like fine boiz>>>>>>very much so....cynic! wake. up!..fine boiz are usually the most self assured,egocentric,arrogant why in God's name do u like fine boiz! they are bad news!

I am actually nice>>>>>very much so.....I aarrggh!!i who thought iwas a nasty bitch...actually reviewed something very selfless i realised is happening to me.......i realised tht someone very close to me whom i love so much is jealous of the fact tht i had someone i wanted to marry earlier and since her opinion mattered so much to me,notice i said mattered......i let go of tht person(long story)...and ever since i realise this person just does not seem comfortable with me getting married before the nice part of it is actually tht i love her so much tht i wont mind sacrificing getting married even at 35...just so this person i love so much and im so protective of...can have her happily ever after before me....note! she's younger sick is sef i didnt realise i can be this sucks!

I'm EMOTIONAL:-i used to think i was stone cold steve austin...until.....recently....I CRIED FOR A SILLY MOVIE.....CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC!imagine!

I'M QUIET:- ...actually this should read as i can be quiet,I have this chatterbox of a i know i like to talk...very much so!...remember gisting is my past time but men! can this girl talk!........she talked to me one day to the extent tht my enthusiasm was diminishing at the rate of 5 comments per 30mins to 1 comment per 1 hr to outrightly ignoring her and doing something completely keeping im very very quiet around her.

i like red:-i find tht recently i wear more red than usual.....been rocking red lipstick too much recently...also have this"itele apoti"(d baff i'll kack when i wanna meet ...say a president...probably Obama.)...its in red.

I like my own company:-I CAN BE VERY COMFORTABLE in my own company...i do a variety of things to entertain,not watch t.v,browse,write down my thoughts,write down grocery lists as if im a pretend housewife and figureout how much i'll need for house keeping,watch porn.,e.t.c...i was indoors one my room and i put off the light and no one knew i was indoors...and it was bliss for me.

I am close to my mum:-as much as i would love to deny this....ask my sis.....she and moms are like cats and dogs while we're like bonnie and clyde and i swear it all crept up on me....i even told her the real reason i broke up with my last ex.........told her i was still emotionally attached to another while dating him....i just close to my mother!aargh!

My friends have jaboed me:-not that i care....i guess they realise i'm not the calling-calling goes last time i called my supposed best friend-last week!,my sister(d one i dont live with)-6 months ago,my bro:-5 months ago,my other bro:-5 months ago...note i get to communicate some way or anoda with them...which is all tht matas right!...i yahoo messenger them, they call me(more of this).....wht have u.

I can be a size 6 in no time if i wanted on a diet now and iv dropped a dress size in 1 month....but i dont want to be size 6....i wana be uk size 10 thank u.


wordmerchant said...

Aww miss cynic...i always knew you are a big softie :)

I use to be naive..not anymore. I am very close to my mum too..she supplies me with all the family gossip! lol

lol@ur chatterbox friend!

Please let me in the diet secret..i lost weight due to stress but have put it all back on so please holler at a sister.. i need to lose this weight pronto.

~Sirius~ said...

...and we have a 99.99% match here, you just described me,
Although I'm no longer naive, but I do a variety of things to entertain,not watch t.v,browse,write down my thoughts,write down grocery list AND go gocery shopping....

I've put on some weight, now my boobs won't fit in my bra anymore, which I think is VERY annoying
(Psst I need your diet tips!)

Funms-the rebirth said...

I cry a lot, im emotional, i love my own company too........
now i feel like i know u alot better...have a great weekend

Qube The Wordsmith said...

quite nice...
n u ain't quiet, u just found smeone dat made u sick of talkin

Rita said...

i let go of that person? MizNice, please tell us the long story

For the love of me said...

I think loving one's company is great. Also think size ten is the perfect size.
It's okay to like fineboys,I think we all do and some of them are great.I should know, I dragged one to the altar.

Afrobabe said...

Ha...we have so much in common...I can tell my mum anything, infact I tell her everything..

Ok, I call ppl sha...My phone bill testifies to

oya send me that diet oh....if it works the way you said I need it badly cos I will be chief brides maid first week of march...I need a miracle...

Afrobabe said...

How on earth could you let go of someone cos of someone need to wake up girl..

Writefreak said...

For your no 3, girl, i'm sorry but i feel like giving you a slap, lol..that isn't being nice, that is called being a mumu! Please wake up like afrobabe said.
I've learnt that life is not a competition and anyone who can't be happy for you to have something before them isn't looking out for your good...abeg, change your mindset about that jo

And then as per the weight loss, pls can you tell me how you do it? i'm a UK 10 now but if i'm not careful, 12 isn't far i need all the tips i can i will be waiting for the

bob-ij said...

I know how you feel... but fine boys will always be attractive to us good girls. Till our eyes OPEN!

And I can be quiet too, and people think something's up with me! When I talk too much, my friend jokes that I' trying to read a word count for the I guess I've reached that word count when I'm quiet.

And CAUTION! When it comes to relationships, female friends are not the most advisable, cuz they don't want to lose u!..
First time here and I like, I love personal blogs!!

bumight said...

this list could have been me, 70% except: smart guys are the death of me!, i dont like red, and i'm not close to my mum.

Just...Toluwa said...

ok, very freaky..cos am thinking we r the same person except for the love of red...i love brown...BUT as nice as i am...i aint giving up marriage for a friend. NO!

Funms-the rebirth said...

waiting on d diet ur on pls...... need it!

theicequeen said...

OMG twinnie!! you sure say this twin thing no deep pass as we see am? lol...errything except the red and size 6 thing are spot on!!!!

miz-cynic said...

@wordmerchant:-i realise i cant call u jarrai sop as not to blow ur cover.
no secret my friend...i simply starve myself....strictly one meal(anytime before 7pm) a day no snacks no drinks,no chocs, no fattening thn...only water...if u like fruits let fruit be the only meal per dayworks for me, might not for u.

@sirius:-frm ur posts too i feel like we cld be padis in real life,birds of a feather flock together.i cant believe anyone else does the grocery list thing...but wait o diet ke!the boobs thing u have going on sounds very sexy.

@funms:-awwwh,thnks jare...hv a nice weekenmd first comment for the diet tips...u'll come back and kill me thou.i feel like i know u too.

@qube:-exactly! she made me so sick of listening and consequently talking.

@rita:-loooong story i say once again, trust me im far frm stupid!.its a complicated story,,,,not so easy and straight forward like i make it sound.

miz-cynic said...

@for the love of moi:-fine boizknow it and they are always feeling sexy with thmselves...see, u had to drag him to the altar...instead of him coercing,begging and groveling to marry fine girl like

afrobaby:-any time i call u tht i remeber shin's song the one tht says "oya baby,and dance shina o......".truly the story get plnty k legs...but trust me im fAR FRM STUPID!A LOT OF SECRECY TOOCOS THE PERSON READS THIS BLOG RELIGIOUSLY.IF U KNOW WHRT I MEAN.abt the secret first starvation o...u fit do ur case u cld throw in sex 6 times a day for

@writefreak:-babe.werin dey?wht if tht person is ur.....,its private walahi i wish i cld spill all but i cantthings we do for love?...if u get the idea.
abt the diet...dnt fret we are on the same level...can i love u more than i love myself??? wink. wink

@bob-ij:-i kinda like ur take...seems the most objective& intuitive and live and lets livish.ill go check ur blog....wht am i saying iv checked alredi and me likey.without knowing the real issue u managed to hit the nail on the head without too much criticism.bob-ij,i think its cos i understand and can relate with why the person is this way.

@bumight:-u don get A now...wetin badder don collect baroque frm blogsville babes now.

miz-cynic said...

@just toluwa:-sebi this is now...this is the way i feel now....remember im aries...we're dynamic in the next 30 mins i can change my mind about it.ask afro!the girl is nice/good...apa lo n jebe!

@funms:-u dnt need it......i said na starvation.

@icequeen:twinnie werin u still dey wah for all ur disappearing acts come whisper to moi...wht size are u?

Spicytee said...

Oh yeah.. I support ur diet prog..Cos thats what have been following lately myself..
And is working.. I have lost like 5pounds already in 2weeks.
You almost sounded like me except that I call people. And I don't like red that much except a red lip liner that I just bought and with my lustreglass lip gloss..I love my red lips..
And I wont live my life for any friend cos you can never satisfy them. Then think about it,what if ur guy cant wait anymore and leave u 4 another woman(Olohun maje). And your so called best friend see a guy proposing to u think she will wait for u to see another guy?
Pls go ahead and get married jo..Call us to come chop rice sha.

Writefreak said...

Sweerie, i'm good...I don't think you can love me more than yourself, even the bible says you should love you r neighbour as yourself..i'd really like to talk more about this sa...can we take it offline or online elsewhere? i use ims; yahoo and gtalk, even msn sef, if you want...
holla back

Sting said...

As for saying u r too nice up to the extent of forgoing ur happiness so someone whom u KNOW is jealous of you can get married first, that one done pass niceness oh and is bordering on something i'm too nice to say :-)

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...

I have always known that you are not a cynic afterall. You are just a sweet sweet girl.
And omo, about your friend, you have lost your mind. WHAT. if she were a good friend, she would not have let you do that. and seriously, you deserve better for such a sweet person. Please and please, review that friendship. What are you getting from it. Think about it boo. XOXO.

mizchif said...

Isn't it funny that as i read this right now, i'm in my room, lights out, tv off, with the only light being the light 4rm the screen of my computer.

I guess there's quite a number of ppl who enjoy their own company a lot.

Good Naija Girl said...

How lovely to learn more about you! These facts make me think you're a pretty cool person. Just be careful that you're not too nice; we don't want people walking all over you!

I think it's so healthy to enjoy time with yourself.

miz-cynic said...

@spicytee:-bae werin dey. i understand jare....dnt worry im col and im a big girl, i can pull my own.except now its so difficult finding a cool guy out u said oloun maje tht i wont find someone before im 35.

@writefreak:-expect my hala very soon.very very soon....u no drop ur email na.

@sting:-u sure ur too nice to say it...ill say it for u . u mean odenson....dnt worry i feel u i said its complicated.

@temite:-i feel we shd see in camera for me to explain the complicated story to u...ull not feel this way when m thru I swear.

@mizchif:-i somehow alredi figured u for someone wu wld like her own coy. dnt know why but i did.but all tht we have to relinquish wen we get married

@gng:-i only let mu guide down with pple i always guarded...dnt worry its more likely i take adv. of someone than the oda way round.

Writefreak said...

Darling, look at me, it didn't even occur to me that i didn't drop my email. (i use this one more often), I have another yahoo id i use more often but can't put that here...*winks*
So will expect your holla!

LusciousRon said...

Lady we have things in common. I used to call friends a lot then I realised they don't even call me since they know I will always call so I have stopped. You don't call I let you be.

That girl that doesn't want you to be married before her, you should run from seriously. I have done away with friends like that and I am happier for it.

miz-cynic said...

@writefreak:-im gona holla
@lusciousron:-yeah a lot of pple can relate to the phonecall thing.
well abt the chic its a long story jare

ibiluv said...

love mi mama-cant tell her everything though-i dont want the whole mosque to do a prayer session for my soul

fyne boiz....what other species is there to like???

emotional/nice/quiet...i CAN be...i'm generally not any....*wink*

love mi own company

i wanna gain weight-whats with all this loosing weight on blogville*&^%$#@

miz-cynic said...

@ibiluv:-mayb u wana gain weight ocs ur slim.i dont advise u also to tell ur mama.they might actually do "sara" on ur behalf.,we can be emotional/nice/quiet every once in a one is all bad.
ur not supposed to like fyne guys too much o...they will be the death of u.


Omo Oba, ki lo de? Na waaaaa ohhh.

* * *
Mii komment has bin safed, hand will be fiisible after di owner appruvaal.

miz-cynic said...

@secret diary:-tht one does not happen on my blog o.i dnt need to approve nothn

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I enjoy my own company too
stems from having super strict parents who never let us go anyway
I can come back to the house after work on Friday and only leave my front door Monday morning going to work
seriously im that bad

Buttercup said...

fine boys...hmm...what more can i say?

im really quiet..

i cry a lot..

im close to my mum but she has been getting on my last nerve of late..

i enjoy my own company more than others..

we have a few things in common!

bArOquE said...

intersting to know...all these thingz only you!

miz-cynic said...

@MDM:-my parents were strict too but not super strict...they let us go out once in a while.

but seriously!i only got better of late.

@burrax:-ya!we have a few things in common,burrax hope ur taking care of our chari for us o. i can see u like fine boiz.*wink.*wink*

@baroque:-welcome back!they have released u frm d jazz abi.welcome!


Enkay said...

miz-cynic! Truth is you ain't got no 'cynical' bone in ur body at all!

I'm really wondering though, what relationship you share with this friend of yours that's so much more important than your future happiness. Very curious indeed 'cos I've never heard of anyone who did that! Ever! Unless of course she once saved your life by donating blood or some other organ (God forbid that you'll ever need such! Amen!!) lol! You get my point shey?

I think it's really cool that you are close to your mom. Not many girls are.

Size 10's great. No more, no less!

Smaragd said...

ah, everything else is ok except for this ur being "nice" o, which kain nice be that?

everytime a lady/girl says she's close to her mum, i just wonder.

OluwaDee said...

Nice ke????
That one is not being nice o.
Pls marry if you want to, bet she wont wait for you.

miz-cynic said...

@enkay:-maybe im not really cynical aftall.
i look out for this person. im very protective of her.

@smargd:-i think as u grow older,u unerstand some of the things she went thru and she understands and accepts u for who u are more trying to mould or shape u.

@oluwadee:-i understand ur concern.dnt worry im not being taken advantage of.

doug said...

Everything else you said was eclipsed by that ABSOLUTELY SCANDALOUS LIE ABOUT BEING NICE!!!

Who dash you? Nice ko!

You who said I leave "layabout comments on your blog"!


Next post please!!!

miz-cynic said...

@u this "rude" boy....u hv gone and added rude to ur repertoire of naughty xters....ok o...just wen i was beginning to think u were oshi>!

naija bloggers' awards said...

the 2009 Naija Bloggers' Awards have started!!
please click here to participate.

wellsbaba said...

lmao! ur just discovering ur naive??!!! lol you luv fyn boiz(im not egocentric n conceited o,im actually nice n loving LOL!) miss ya paddy mi,dnt mind me i can b a bitch just jumpin on and off blogville,i wish to b steady thou...nice2b back here

Tigeress said... biggy- ur eyes will soon open. lol! The next guy u meet and want to marry- u wont let ur friends have a big infuence on ur decisions. As a babe u must'nt be ignorant to your single friends beig slightly jealous of u having a man- i think it's human nature.

A lot of folks are emotional. shows u have a conscience i reckon. Being cold isn't a good thing.

Fine boyz- pull your ears and flee!! lol!!

miz-cynic said...

@naijabloggersaward:-its so exciting...thumbs up peeps for putting this'll be loads of fun.

@wellsbaba:-how now?long time....are u saying ur TDH?....tall, dark and handsome????go and update jare.

@tigress:-sometimes one has to be cold cos pple out thr are ready to take advantage of u .

fine boiz will be the death of me , the rate im going

Nefertiti said...

ahn ahn, where is ur most recent post?

*Neffie keeps clicking, looking confused.... then sad :-(

scribble, said...

letting go of someone u cared about because someone else was jealous was..well..naive...ur friend should get over herself..

u have a very good heart, but u shouldnt let people take advantage of that

miz-cynic said...

@NEFERTITI:-u dnt wana believe ,i think blogger has eaten it....i rily loved tht post.

@scribble me free:-:im trying.....thnks for the compliment...tnks for luking out for me.

RocNaija said...

So I'm curious who this 'special friend' is that influences your decision making so strongly..

She's not a sister or relative by any chance?

Lady in Red.. There's a song called that.. Or was it a film?

Ironically I don't believe in beauty.. Fine boys.. fine girls and all.. With me beauty diminishes.. Dunno why..?!

miz-cynic said...

@roc-i take it ur not so gudluking then.or...