Monday, April 27, 2009

out of body experience

out of body experience.....i swear my peeps this na testimony.

after the headmistress office incidence,i had a drought as in nothing nothing,zilch, nada!full on conji!( i think i'm a very sexual being) ....i decided i was due for some rumurumu...burrax can explain wht this means.According to one theory by a blogger, i cant remember who now.....she was talking abt which is better for ur rep,1.doing it with a newbie who u'd neva done it with before or reducing the numbers by keeping it in the circles of pple whom uve had before and u've now broken up with orm something,Obviously i chose the latter . I rationalised tht since we had "history"....we almost dated but we decided we no go gel cos he is one with a very strong xter just like i am but we neva lacked tht chemistry.

At least we had sampled before, a session stolen even thou officially we hadnt started going out .Saying this guy is a minister for women's affairs is putting it mildly, I almost broke my no penetration rule cos ole boy was just too damn good , wetin!, wht this guy could do with his hands en!i no fit prophecy its a case of experience na best teacher,if only to have this on the regular, abeg i fit date the guy,seriously!
Kissing...on a scale of 1-5 ....i give him 4.9
nuzzling and knowing how to use his tongue.....4.9
infact let me not go on for fear tht he might be reading this and his head would be swelling.

I didnt even know when I "offed" my clothes and bra and "payint" by myself borrow jenifa's words, we were evrywhr, his study, sitting room, floor, bed,name it...i didnt believe i had tht side to me...

I was just answering un asked questions with my yea yea, yea!oh yes!
Prophesying all sorts.....Jesus!...and I'm not even a xtian o
swearing! at no one in particlar damn! shit!, fuck!


Even though his member wasnt inside me at any point i felt thoroughly skin pores even breathed easier....I felt my skin soften.....did I mention he also gives a bad ass massage.

Didnt know having light feathery kisses trailed down ur back could be so.......damn sexy, my toes were crawling.....I hope I would have this kind of sex with my hubby o cos now tht i've known thisa I wont want to settle for less.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


He was my s.w.t –(sexy without trying)

I was his d.d.g – (drop dead gorgeous)

I was his Bonny

He was my Clyde

If he was archilles

Then I was his “archilles heel”

I was his Jada

He was my Will

I was his Juliet

He was my Romeo forward to the present......

Text message:-“ U told T’s friend I was desperate 2 come to your house:-that was cruel.
U put our conversations on speaker:-that was low.I dont really think I knew you.

Excuse me boss you have a text message

“My world does not revolve around what people think of me.I cant remember putting our conversation on speaker@anytym,I told him u wanted to come 2 collect T’s cheque & even said u would come with ur 1st year at my workplace I was being crucified as the relationship breaker by this friend& i neva confronted you abt it,when ur boyfriend called,dis friend was with me& i said to him, I neva came in the way of his relationhip.What a way to let me know ur around.Pls focus ur aggression someplace else.

Now to a brief preamble which would help in understanding this post

REMEMBER THE DEMON,remember my Bro post,remember a post where I was woken up in the middle of the nite confronted with a txt I sent& was all the demon. Last time I spoke/communicated with the demon was 2 and half yrs ago.....boyfriend and I which was being referred to were having serious problems cos of the demon...I was still in love with him..Boyfriend actually called the demon.....said the demon said I was the one still contacting him, ...(this wasnt true btw )tht we had broken up...,he was contacting me too, though he made more of an effort to move on than i did...he also had a girlfriend.Funny I didnt realise I was in love with the demon till I started dating boyfriend....BOYFRIEND AND I even got engaged even though I realised later I still had feelings for the demon.....theres a lot of bitterness cos it involves my brother....he lost his friendship with my brother when everything blew open cos I’m very close to T SO i TOLD HIM everything EVENTUALLY WHEN it was all over.cos we kept lying to T tht we didnt have anythn goin on.Ironocally T introduced us unknowingly but did not want us to have anythn to do with each oda but we had opened pandora’s box.T’S friend is his colleague at his current work place and also happens to be BOYFRIEND’S VERY CLOSE FRIEND.The last gist that broke the camel’s back was Boyfriend actually telling me tht T’s and his mutual friend said he put our conversations on speaker and he said I was desperate to come to his house even after we stopped seeing.I neva confronted the demon for a year since I heard , it helped to hate him and forget about him,until now...which brought the txt messages.
In conclusion,

All I feel now is this DIDO’S SONG

See u when u’re forty-actual title of the song incase u wana listen to it.
I’ll highlight the relevant portion of the songs with a lil explanation

Idrove around in circles for 3hrs
It was bound to happen that i’d end up at urs.........then that is,when the love was still sharking me.
I temporary forgot ther’s better days to come
I thought that i’d give it just one more chance....not really,given up on tht long ago
Cos I want tonite wht I’d been waiting for Would I find tonite what I’ve been warned about...... the stuff they said he said/did which led to the txt anyways
You think u are complicated,deep mystery to hold
Well its taken me a while to see u’re not so special....pretty much wht i feel now forward the lyrics to
So see u when ur forty...lost and all alone....frankly thts wht i wish him
Being comforted by strangers who never needed to know,not sad cos u lost me>...more like i lost him
Sad because you thot it was cool to be sad
You think that misery will make you stand apart from the in causing me misery cos i’m not sure if he’s miserable...thou i wish
If you had walked past me today,I wouldnt have picked you out...he claimed he saw me recently in one of his earlier txts and tot i saw him but i swear i I wouldnt have picked him out
Now i’ve seen tonite,how could i waste my time.......waste my time sending tht txt in the first place.
Cos i’ve seen tonite ur just a boy, not a man.......his response.........very childishAnd i’m not coming back.......yep

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

excerpts from my teenage years

What is it sef, i must to blog today...haba na me be the CEO of this company?

My teenage years was very interesting come to think of it, i was young , i was happy and i guess, I was a true arian I had lots of experiences/ are some memorable ones

1.I had this class crush, looking back now i think it was mutual, we used to talk more philosophical stuff and the likeness was based more on intelligent boy likes intelligent girl...u see i was very smart for my age then and not so shy but very bold and outspoken.lets call him Etnoka, to me he was cool raised to the power 99, he didnt dress spetacularly but i was kinda of a nerd lover, i loved my guys brilliant...he used to write me poems and steal glances at me...he used to awkwardly look for moments to share a laff here and there with me....and wait for this i used to stalk him...back then it did not feel like stalking to me.
I would baff up walk the distance of say from ikoyi to vi, i was very athletic then,i would walk the length of his street twice hoping to catch a glimpse of lil sis used to tell me that "wait na, ok if he now comes out one day and sees u on his street, wht will u say.....em...emm...i was just passing by or wht...wouldnt u feel stupid?!I used to argue then tht i could always claim i had a friend on his street....blah blah blah...seeing him made my day.....i used to see him sometimes and make sure he didnt see much for puppy love.i was mother must not even hear of this.My mom that saw me and my sis watching one show on t.v,The setting was nite-club....we were in out of uni then o....All of sudden we saw madam A.....THTS WHT i'LL BE CALLING MOMSIE..clapping her hands together saying ...orisirisi....these girls tht they sent to school to go and read, they are in the nite club dancing with men.....she then snapped her fingers.....God forbid my miz-cynic and C(MY SIS) be like this children....Thank GOD i BROUGHT UP MY KIDS VERY WELL..
Needless to say I just turned my head to look at my sis and we both burst out into lafta.....In our minds we echoed...indeed!boya le mo(if only u knew).lol .

Youth...(for want of a term for ..."be young")
Like my mom will say "nigba ti mo wa ni omididun(apparently omididun was where she grew up as a young lady)...this translates to "when I was in omididun.In my days I used many a guys to "tayin"...this means to do rubbish...e.t.c.If you fucked up mercy.....I just fashi ur side pronto....I was young...and i felt like I could conquer the world.
I never fell in love with any one and i used to show guys then
I remember one episode one guy who really liked me but was afraid of my mouth, cos men! was it legendary....even my mom used to say she doesnt know how I became like this....tht of all her kids I was the last to talk coherently and even then i used to sound very funny cos of my voice...for the yoruba peeps....she used to say I talk like an "osanyin"...this translates in english to mean a funny ancestral deity tht talks this bros decided to follow me all the way from lesson to my house a good 30 mins walk....

I kept feeling someone was following me but each time i turned to look i see like a mirage of someone darting across the street..Finally when I got to my house....I saw him....He came towards me and said...'I LIKE YOU A LOT...HE NOW HANDED ME THIS BOX OF CHOCOLATES....that was when ur dearest cynic got really angry and started to rain abuses on the poor boy..."ehn ehn...tht was why YOU NOW FOLLOWED ME FROM LESSON TO MY HOUSE....u must be desperate o....SO BECAUSE U WANT TO GET INTO MY PANTS....YOU NOW BROUGHT CHOCOLATES ABI...AS IN IM A PROSTITUTE...WHO U'LL ONLY GIVE CHOCOLATES TO SLEEP WITH....before i count to 10 , u had better carry ur stupid self +ur chocolates and disappear into thin air. nonsense!I was 15 i did not know better.

This young man i ended up dating4 yrs later...It took him that

to be continued.