Monday, July 28, 2008


As I was saying, I made sure I kept him waiting for at least 2 hrs and he knew I was awake and only just refused to open the door , by now he was fuming and spoiling for a fight
S-just dont open this door or else u're done for

Immediately I opened u need to see the rains of punches I felt on on my chest and all , i just kept my cool and dug my teeth into his thigh and kept biting, the more he punched me, the more i bit ,he kept the punches harder, i sunk my teeth deeper, I was at a point where I wasnt feeling the pains of the punches anyore but I could taste blood, tht was when he left me and said "u're a witch u this girl"

I woke up the next morning feeling like excuse my yoruba "won ti lu mi nigi"(like I had been beaten with wood) but i was smiling an inner smile knowing the scar frm my bite will linger forever.......

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ibiluv said...

why u dey fight now??????