Friday, August 1, 2008


Men1 I am a junkie.........

A blog junkie....but wht were u expecting some juicy details abt dope or smthn,Its bad enough being a blog junkie

listen to this..
iM NEW TO THIS BLOGGING THING SO IT'Sbecome like a drug in my system,the other day i had 100 card on my phone,

I finished it and started feeling shaky like only a junkie does, i sprang up from my bed like a mad woman at abt like 12am, crept to my mom;s room,pratically tiptoed and stole the keys to her shop, went out to the door, quietly opened it...all this with nothing on but my panties,searched frantically and rummaged thru the shop until i found it....yeah where she keeps her mtn credit.......stole like 400 box credit and went back happliy and triumphantly to my room to resume blogging....

my sis nicknamed me blogege recently,well glad I found" it" "i"t i refer to blogging by the way. I promised the person who introduced me to this blogging thngy that it would neva reach a stage whr I would actually be posting stuff myself.....but look here i am , not bad though

so what do i write about today......

yes!Tall man no brain

I used to live in this neighbourhood, when i was much younger call it wiseville,i was about 9 and my sis about 7,call my sis C,C AND I were very naughty ,as in naughtiest kids on the block kinda naughty and we were around a lot, there were these lil thngs we loved to eat so much"fruits" stop the tooshness jare we used to call them "frunts",im sure u 'all knw wht i'm talkin surely and steadfastly C and i went to this frunt tree that we had been severely warned by the apparently toosh guy who had these 3 nasty little alsatians that we had seen how mean first hand they could be one day wen "toosh guy" himself could not silence them.

BUT TRUST C and I as naughty as could b, we still went along on thi escapade, c was supposed to be on the look out to c whether he waas home, she signalled to me that the coast ws clear so i took this big and long stick(now i wonder how i could manoveur this stick so well at tht age)
and started plucking the frunts we also had this large big bag to put our "loot" in after our escapade,engrossed i was in the whole plucking bizness when i heard" he's home" not too long i heard 2 wild things barking....."toosh guy had let his dogs loose on us.

All i remember is that i started running ....u know when ure running and ur heels touch the back of ur head,as i reached our gate, i heard c close behind me, tot i saw one of the dogs nibble at her heeel just before i shut the gate , a lil blood was coming from her heels and our mom "madam b" unfortunately for "tooshguy" saw us and asked wht happened.

She was mad and she called "toosh guy" and gave him the tonguelashing of his life......she ended it by calliing him ""Tall man no brain",yeah this guy was rily tall abt the tallest in wiseville

naughty c and I neva let "tooshguy" hear the last of it,everyday we saw him in the street we would yell"tall man no brains"" and burst out laughing.


Buttercup said...

tall man with no @ ur mum..

u really r a junkie o, stealin ur mum's

miz-cynic said...

@aah madam B can be like tht , I'll blog abt some of her legendary sayings....imagine she was the one tht started tht "oun ta mo taa gbodo daruko"(wht we knw but must not mention) wen she was describing how big some sausages they used to eat in their uncles house then wen they wre younger....imagine!