Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As I was in my office thinking "when will i stop literally getting slapped with work cos honestly it seems like each time something to be done is being shoved in my face,to me it feels likei'm being slapped with the sheet of paper or whteva the request comes on.So, a txt comes in......usual"excuse me boss u have a txt message(and i've refused to change tht txt message alert)....its from my ex-ex-ex.........read as my boyfriend before the last before the last.

It read "i was listening to a radio programme yesterniteon ex-relationshipsand i just cant help reliving memories of our relationship.I still love you.

upon calling i found out he was being sincere and he couldnt for some reason shake the loe we shared.which brings me to the fact of my own so called "all time love of my life"...that took me so long to shake off, it even cost me 2 relationships ...yes! i haver finally admitted....he was the cause of the demise of my last 2 relationships.

The guy in this case is I call him my second love of my life and if i were more of a realist than the idealist tht i am would immediately overtake the position of the all time love of my life but as much as I hate to admit, he hasnt.But if understanding me were a measure or the S.I unit of measuring love then he wins hands down.

It also brought on a cocky feeling...LEMME EXPLAIN.....FOR YEARS I PINED FOR MY LOST LOVE as in it took me nothing less than 3yrs to get over tht guy and I am like...wtf!did he use jazz for me or wht????!!!...so it felt good also to know tht someone is still pining for me since 2002....felt so good.!

We hung out yesterday and he tried to kiss me...but I had to turn my cheek.I guess I dont feel tht way no more about him.but we're still very good/close friends.He speaks to all the boyfriends I have had since then and asks them to take good care of me.

Lest i forget i need opinions on some stuff

1.If u are in a relationship.......can u go out for a movie with your guy-friend...if yes...under wht clauses/circumstances
2.If u are in a relationship and when the guy has which is less often btw he spends wella on you, will u do same when u have which is more often by the way.

im out!.gotta go earn my living for the day.


BSNC said...

Well its just a movie, there is really no harm. if you feel guilty you could tell you bf that you are going to see a movie with a friend.

yes i guess i will do the same. One good turn deserves another.

miz-cynic said...

bsnc:-trust me my bf will ask gender andthen again sex of the friend.lol.

very hard to do same jare....especially when u have to do it more often.

Sassy Trends said...

Such an irony,
In both case one and two, put ur boyfriend in your own shoes, if he goes out to watch movie with a girlfriend or an ex or whatever, how would you feel?

If it is okay by you, then why not...

Buttercup said...

Havent been here in a while. Why do exes keep resurfacing, ehn? With regards to your 1st question, I guess it depends on the nature of the friendship and ONLY if my man is okay with it..

Anonymous said...


~Sirius~ said...

I'm with Sassy trends on this one...if you feel ok with your man going to see a movie with another woman, then there shouldn't be a problem.

Didn't get the 2nd question, mind rephrasing it?

As for exes, i know that feeling.....

Nice Anon said...

I say don't invite the devil in if you don't want him there.. Na so e dey start from movie to ... hmmmmm

Tisha said...

cynic, happy you are back
you can go with a guy friend as long as you are sure he is not into you.

RocNaija said...

Sounds like a dejau moment for you.
Only difference is you didn't try to kiss the ex you were pinning over..

Myne Whitman said...

I will go to movie with a guy friend that my SO knows. If not has to be group thing.

I love spending on ppl guy or girl esp if they my friends.

Nice to have you back.

bumight said...

I totally have no problems spending on my man especially if he doesnt mind.
As for going to the movies with a guy-friend, if your man has no problems with it, fine. If he does, then u need to do a rethink.

Fabulo-la said...

Soo nobody else will go to movie without asking for permission eh?

I guess I am d only one that dsnt care...*shrugs*

As for d spending money..I say as the spirit leads u...lol

miz-cynic said...

@ sassy:-if i were in his shoes 2 factors will i consider....1.the fact tht im sure he is over his ex and in love with me 2.that i trust him tht even if the ex is not over him....he wont let anythn happen and like u said , its only a movie.

@butter:-burrax baby, wetin do the obsessed b..ch wey dey chase bobo chari up and down, all these people wey no know the genesis of how dem evn buy pot to cook soup, wey wan jembe jemba.anyways about the exs...they all resurface wen u hv someone fly...its like the devil coming back to tempt u wen he sees u doing so well.then they realise wht they got...after its gone especially en they have found themslvs by thmselves

miz-cynic said...

rethots:-hmmmmm...wht!u and this ur thots.

@ok sirius....seriously!...i cldnt resist doing tht....en-en ..the koko of wht im asking is if your boo aint stingy, but his droughts are more than his rains as per finances......when those droughts come will u be by him financially...as in spending your money on him all the time.

@nice anon:-i trust u...always blacks and whites no greys...no nonsense...true talk jare my sister.....but whts the fun in tht...

@ah!...tisha, thnks jare...thts the koko...the friend is into me but i no dey into am.

@rocnaij:-there was one moment of weakness when i did , in the early periods of the break up...and he wasnt pushing me away either.

@myne whitman:-one of those people who read but never comment....i like u jare....would i b racist if guessed ur not african?

@bumight:-he used to be all macho and confident like he doesnt mind...but yesterday i got the tongue lash of my life.

@fabulous:-i trust u jare....gba sibe(high-five)

yes o asper the mony spending one......just so u dont begin to dey feel like mugu

LG said...

ramadam kareem!

miz-cynic said...

my sister!sista LG....SAME TO U.

For the love of me said...

I think I read somewhere that you can do lunch with a friend but not the movies. I don't know sha I guess if your guy is cool with it.

How have you been?

ManCee said...

Is it just me or the concept of "Passion Unfinished" has you enslaved too. *chuckle*

First Things First, movie or not...ask yourself 'what is your objective? Where do you want this to go?'
Once you sort that out FIRMLY...the rest will be easy to handle as they crop up.

Tigeress said...

old love.......

As for ur questions- i dont understand the 2nd part. But as for the 1st- it all depends. Who is this friend? An ex? if so- then i dont think thats cool. Is it a friend who's interested in u- then no!

**OnYxStA** said...



funkola said...

he tried to kiss u?? has me questioning wot he really misses about u...all this ex-stuvvs sha!

Invisible said...

Movies with an ex or someone interested is a no-no. With someone plain ... ehn. There's still that uncomfortable air that my girl is out with another guy who's not family.
I believe in not leaving any room for anything. It's not about jealousy but I'd rather keep things straight than try straightening a curve later.

I'm back. Yours in apology!!!

Myne Whitman said...

Hey babes, won't say you're racist but I be proper naija oo, why you think say I no be african? And I now leave comments so ditto mine please. LOL

G-FUNC said...

Exes....tell me about it
not like I have loads of experience
I was lead to your blog by your comment on afrobabe's LMAO hot-amalaed omorogun hehe that must have been hot and it's the same woman who's still keeping you on a curfew.I'm so loving naija mothers at least yours,she gat her hold on you.

I read your profile and was just smiling when I saw how much we have in common; Jeffrey archer-my first was Kane and abel,and then seeing the good in people-people think I ought to be a shrink or some ish

Just tot to tell ya,will come back to read your old posts.I seen you around blogsville but never *ok may be once* come to your blog.


miz-cynic said...

@for the love of me:-how many guys would rily be cool with it.

also do i rily believe in platonic friendship on both sides between man and woman?>one person must to spoil am by developing feelings

@mancee:-na real "passion unfinished".
yes o what is the objective? ,as in make unserious bobo no go jeopardise one's opportunity with the serious one

@tigeress:-but wht if ur not interested ,it takes two to tango.as in ,nothing can happen as long as you are ot interestedright?!abi hin wan rape u?


@funkola:-no o,na kiss only hin try now.not seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeex......,tht will be attempted rape sef.aunty funkola!!!!!!!!!.lol
babe,werin dey? babe .so wa pa.

@invisible:-return of the ......
en en trust u to be ur no-nonsense, no excuse, call a spade a spade not a farming implement self.
how u dey sef?how your new babe. na becos of her we no see ur break light>???????

@myne whitman:-thts cool, your a proper naija woman. no whala.ill cross over to urs in a jiffy.

@g-func:-lol abt the hot--amale-ed omorogun,its still same woman o,e ma gba mi o.she wan cramp my style.

jefrey archer is da bomb.i love his books.was it him that wrote "honor amongst thieves".Yes o it seems we have quite a lot in common.

G-FUNC said...

Yeah he wrote it
I have the e book but haven't had time to read it


wellsbaba said...

lol havent bin here in a while but funny o your ex keeps resurfacing lol anywais check up on me sometime now and i wish you good luck in relationships