Wednesday, October 14, 2009


omo e don tey wey i visit this blog.....oops , na ma blog today i even clock 50 posts sef.make una shak ur preference for my head....if na henessy, chardonnay,heineken,sprite,coke,water e.t.c.

as u don notice i wan blog in pidgin, someone tell me say my pidgin is wacked, na in sabi , i go finish dis post

some foolish secondary school memories just come to mind.we get dis over-sabi boarding house mistress in name na bukola or somthn like dat sha.d woman dey play for manchester so awon chics just kukuma nick-name am "bukoyan", my yoruba folks can relate to this,the name attests to the fact say she be to manchester united what ronaldo was to them before hin go real madrid-a great asset *chuckling to myself".dis woman dey terrorise awon girls no be small, na she go see student wey wear mini skirt,hot pant, wey hin bra dey see-thru, d gist be say she no get toaster and she dey biff awon chics wey young-virile blooded male teachers dey follow so she dey waka go class one day she accost one SS2 babe.d following dialogue na in ensued.

bukoyan :-chidinma,come here!

chidinma:-walks sexily,provocatively and rudely to meet miss bukoyan

bukoyan come turn am to in native language."ninu omu ti e ati omu temi, ewo lo tobi ju.for the sake of my non-yoruba speaking peeps for blogsville , i will translate(between your boobs and my boobs, which one is bigger),

chidinma replies politely rudely."ti yin ni ma"(its urs ma).

bukoyan:-"ose wa jepe emi ma n pack temi dada,' shom shom',iwo de ma se tie degbere"( so why is it that me i pack my own very smartly and u pack yours so loosely)

d girl shock open mouth.

bukoyan:-common go to ur dorm and wear a tighter fitting bra,my friend,stupid girl!

but my people,we sef bad that time,and urs truly was so troublesome but i no dey do that kin thin sha o.the thin wey i dey do na thns like......ok,we get one handsome english teacher like that wey dey keep very long last nail and in like to dey point to anythn at random with it.anyhow sha chicks get plenty crush on am so when time reach to submit english assignment,some go dey tuck love note for inside,on one occasion na picture fall out, i come trace the particular notebook wey picture fall commot,e come be one 'butter cannot melt in my mouth opeke chic'.na so i rearrange the books, me wey i no dey gree distribute books as class captain, i go just dump make all man hussle in own, na so i stand for front of class dey distribute books, wen e come reach the babe turn na in i announce say ladies and gentlemen, our dearest madam opeke chic actually put her picture for the benefit of our english teacher,na so i shake the picture commot for ground. needless to say the babe rep change instanta.

i remember so clearly one wicked senior boarding house mistress wey we get wey we fear so much say upon say we nickname am lets say mgbeks cos her name na mrs mbgeke for example, when u skip prep to chill inside the room and u hear say she don land by the signature scream "mgbeks are coming!"...she be one person o,. but na the fear we get we dey use 'are' for am o as in for her,its rude to use 'is' o na mgbeks are coming o..... who born u make u no respect mgbeks na she write the foreign book wey we dey use then for English in school o.

i get one post i wan post about my current lovey wey dey do me yori yori but i dey fear gan ni cos it seems wheneva i talk about any sweerie of mine on here , e go just jinx comot, na the following day evrythn go scatter, abi na


The Girl with the Red Hair said...


Let me go and read

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

rotfl @ Bukoyan

The woman dey really beef oh!!!

lol@ ose wa jepe emi ma n pack temi dada,' shom shom',iwo de ma se tie degbere"

Fabulo-la said...

Abeg do quick and tell u about ur sweerie wey de do u yori

Myne Whitman said...

Your pidgin wack but your school runs tales are even wackier. Bukoyan eh, LWKMD.

Oya drop that gist. or maybe not, LOL

Ms. SpicyTee said... drop the gist oh.. if the thing no dey work for you.. I used to get a guy like dat. That said anytime he takes his gf to the beach..they break up..And truly when he took his new gf to d beach..they broke up.. So leave ur story oo..
And I can relate to jealousy wan kill am. Eyin gan le..

Nice Anon said...

LOL keep the man kini to yourself until you are ready to share.

Anonymous said...

happy 50th love.
and i loved this post..i love hearing stories about boarding schools since i didnt attend one...

ibiluv said...

lol at your school daze.......

keep it close to ur heart(ur yori yori)

Tisha said...

babes where have been?
good to see you are back.
mz. cynic
drama queen left blogville, she's probably too busy for her blog family (blogfam) o o o!

miz-cynic said...

blogger ate all my responses

Original Mgbeke said...

LMAO, all those boarding house wahala sha. It was always hilariousss.
Ehn come back and give us Yori Yori gist o. :-D

miz-cynic said...

GIRL WITH RED HAIR:-i imagine ur hair being red, long and sexy looking. but in her defense, some of those 'bubblers'dey over do am o, wear lacy bra and see white shirt, mini skirt with slit for school uniform, and those male teachers dey parise a lot sef especially someof those seniors we met in tht school.

fabulola-ejooo, e ma je n so.before blogger jinxes it and i find myself by myself

@myne whitman:-but my speaking is better i swear.this writing na anoda ball game, an an me sef i must prove say i get idea.

miz-cynic said...

spicy tee:-lol, tht guy be pappy water i beg jare, mayb all im mammy water spirit girlfriends dey provoke say hin dey get effontry bring hin babes come their hood.

@nice anon:-thanks jare my sista, mayb when we don engage i go share aso-ebi details.

@leggy:-mayb cos of u na tht post with the full gist i go find for u,secondary sch as so much fun and to think i wanted to give up in my jss2 when fagging became too much,seniors said i was politely rude'.i remeber one senior i told when she told me to help her copy her lesson notes....but aunty xyz,why is that when the teacher is dictating it in class, u dont write your own,as i was copying the notes for her in her corner.

@ibiluv:-howdy babe, congrats on ur car, sha try avoid all this 'weresco' danfo drivers

@ tisha:-me?!drama queen?!i dont think so.*wink wink*, my sister calls be that too, says i exaggerate too much.ehn ehn now , how gist go sweet with salt and pepper.

miz-cynic said...

original mgbeke-how u dey babes, i just say nake i borrow ur name small. was urs a FGGC

funkola said...

lmao! the whole post looks like a script for wazobia fm.

musco said...

o ga o.u rock secondary skl gan o.

maybe d guys u talk abt re nt always d best 4 u!

Writefreak said...

Nice post, you sef troublesome for secondary skl sa!
I found it a bit hard to read the whole post in pidgin...
Congrats on your 50th post!

Demon Hunter said...

Man, I could think of a boarding school horror story to write. Hmm. I may have questions since I never attended boarding school. :-)

boorish male said...

Knock Knoc......

BSNC said...

boarding school, those were the dayz...

Happy 50th.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

OMG! okays, miz cynic...i can safely say we went to d same sec & i'm totally feeling u girl. mrs bukoye was a pain in d a** truly. short, fat, busty & loud/mean!
stumbled on ur blog & i can also safely say i'm already an addict. lurv d way u write & not leaving dis blog anytime soon
tc gurl