Wednesday, October 28, 2009


They say omo toba nipe "oko" baba oun lo tobi ju, koi de oko baba elomi-the child that says his father's farm is the biggest ,definitely he has not reached another person's father's farm before.lemme digress that yoruba proverb can easily be translated also to mean the child that says his father's penis is the biggest definitely has not seen others father's penis.

In a cynical way im going to relate all this to the title of the post.If u think your problems are large,definitely you have not seen the extent of other's woes.

I was complaining recently that i so hate when i'm with my bobo and want to enter a place and they wana know if he's up to 21 until a silly girl i used to work with called me recently to gossip about a colleague of ours who is getting married to an ugly old man...her comment was "so ti ba to yen ni"-this means ...he don hook the girl like tht?the girl called to tell me cos this particular colleague of ours is nasty with a capital N.

I was complaining that we were not paid our performance portion of our salary which translates literally to 20% being slashed from our salary until i heard of a colleague in First Bank who had been unceremoniously asked to go.

When I was younger , I used to complain that we used to get only one set of provisions until i heard of a girl who never had anyone visit her in school,not to talk of getting any provisions sent to her.

Like they say Igi gogoro ma gun mi loju.....aa dodge e ni,seriously its okere la ti n wo, but I just discovered that my ex whom I used to biff for buying a new car instead of committing to our wedding, actually collected loan to buy the car,a loan which he can't pay back and the bank is now chasing him up and down for their money,thank God i "dodged" him, marrying him would have been the igi gogoro literally entering my eye with his debts amongst many other things.

I have a man who smokes and drinks moderately, still enuff of me to nag and rant about on most days, but to the best of my knowledge does not womanise and holds me in high esteem,I have a friend whose husband drinks, smokes and womanises even in their home.she complains bitterly daily to me but never to him for fear of probably receiving a slap.

i COULD GO ON AND ON BUT THE KOKO is sha to thank God for every situation you find yourself in and remember whateva your situation..."airi iru e ri, a fin deruba oloro ni-aah!me i never see this one before o!,na to scare the person wey get talk...or somn like tht jare. my yoruba peeps will feel me better


Good Naija Girl said...

Wow, this entry was a Yoruba lesson for me (lol still trying to figure out if I'm pronouncing any of the words properly) but the lesson was heard.

I think that's what keeps me being thankful, because I know the situation could be much worse, and I really don't want things to get worse.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Omotee! said...

Omo, mo sope temi o. this is a good reminder to be greatful, no matter what, someone's story will always beat urs hands down

juiceegal said...

O man powe gidi gan ma ni...seriously all these ur quotes odikwa very
Abi o emi ma so pe every situation u find urself always Thank God.

BBB said...

i agree.
we always think d grass is greener at d other side..
but its neva true

Sugarking said...

Yoruba proverbs 101! I've definitely learnt something here. Nice blog! first time here...i think

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Got the gist of the post even though i couldnt understand some of the language. True we should always be thankful for our lot coz you never know what the nest person is bearing

Myne Whitman said...

The message is loud and clear. The say someone was complaining about not having shoes till they say someone without feet. I try to be thankful always.

Nice Anon said...

Womanizing in her very before is very bold o! In everything give thanks!

RocNaija said...

Little mercies..
Thank God for little mercies..

BSNC said...

i enjoyed reading this entry. i like the way you use yoruba and the translations.

We should always give thanks to God, no matter what..


wao. i love this post! in all things give thanks for real, cos when u hear of some problems that ppl have? urs just pales in comparison

Don said...

For the past year I sat and complained about my personal woes. My habitual gripe wouldn't allow me to do anything other than what I've seemingly grown accustomed.

It didn't, until I stopped and picked up a Bible and read how all should be thankful while attending trials & tribulation, for they are God's way of bringing each and every one of us closer to Him.

jhazmyn said...

This sure rings true, there would always be someone whose situation is worse than yours...always

musco said...

d yoruba 2 plenty tdy o.

all d issues u'v brought up makes me view life 4rm another perspective!

ibiluv said...

i's a bother when we sweat the small stuff.......

misspumping said...

the cup is always half full never half empty

a positive mind is a golden atribute

always strive to be bettter and always rememeber there are people worse off

most importantly always be grateful to God for your situation

tunrayo said...

you know what im getting most from all this: we are happy for the things we have cos there are other people who are worse off (like we feed off someone elses misery)

sad, but true...

Thank God for small mercies, thank God for whatever situation you are in...whether someone else has it better or worse....Just be thankful you're alive, means we still have hope

miz-cynic said...

@gng:-i get them for hand well well, thts why i translate so pple would get the essence.yes o i dont wajnt the situation to get worseo. but lately i wont lie, i have been feeling quite dis-enchanted with work.dont know why.
@omotee:-yes o to the point u'll even be afraid to say urs so u won't be labelled a whiner
@juiceegal:- yes o, owe ni epo tan fi je isu oro,even d ibos,according to things fall apart(chinua achebe),proverbs make words get absorbed easily

miz-cynic said...

@bbb:-yes o,the grass is not greener on the other side, it is absent.

@sugarking:_I hope u're not one of those ajebotas

@mdm:-I can't believe it. I always thought u were yoruba o.yes o if other people tell u their own, u go shock!

@myne whitman:-yes o , we should quit compalining and make do wih what we have

@nice anon:-yes some men are harsh.very harsh!

@rocnaija:-roc baba.ikira! wassap
@bsnc:-yes o, sope ti e.
@36:-yes o, when u even hear abt people u assumed had everything going on excellently for them
@don:-just started reading ur posts and i dont leave comments but i enjoy reading them very much all the same.

Writefreak said...

Babe, don't finish me with all this yoruba o!lol

There's always a reason to give thanks wherever you are!

Nice Anon said...

Body don dey do you yori yori sotey you don forget sey you get blog abi?

My World said...

Yep,we need to be more thankful everyday!

Demon Hunter said...

Wow, if I need to know Yoruba, I know where to come. :-D

Your friend needs to leave that dude. A slap? Uh, no.

ManCee said...

That doesn't mean you should settle for crap o.
Bera go and dmand for your 20% ASAP. At least the organisation should issue an official statement even if its to say make una no vex.