Saturday, June 20, 2009

its not sexy!....

its not sexy!......
why do guys feel like they have to keep you guessing or wht game is it they are playing anyways
i dont get it, mgbeks wrote something about this not too long it tht guys are spoilt ni o
pls guys help me out trying to understand.......from your perspective

@is it tht girls are too plenty nowadays u'd feel stupid if u ended up not picking what u supposedly think is the best so u try not to commit to anyone until ur sure whc one u want?????
b)is it tht u are still not used to rejection tht u want to bide your time and be sure the girl is not gona say no when u eventually get the liver to ask.
C)you seem non-committal cos commitment scares u
D)u wish u never have to get married.duh!we do too!
e)u want to postpone getting married for as long as you can since u know its inevitable.
F)plain old greed or u cant seem to make up your mind about the girl u want
i'mma try to paint some scenarios cos frankly the scenarios themselves are so shady or inexplicable tht i'm wondering how i'll succeed painting them.

forgive my language pls cos i'm, in a ranting mode

scenario 1:-asshole has a girlfriend,does not deny the fact, girl has given him like 5 yrs of her life so....(ko mo bo se ma gbegba....he doesnt know how to opt out).....has another chick he blows hot and cold with.......tells her ish like why did he not meet her before the woman he's dating now and all....whts girl in question supposed to feel........girl in question now has some guy giving her attention and all and asshole feels he has the right to be jealous.been acting funny and cold and downright immature...excuse me....being in a relationship himself has taken away the right for him to feel jealous about another man giving girl in question attn.get over urself and stop giving attitude.......afterall he categorically informed girl in question he's in a relationship.

scenario 2:-mofo gets all up close and personal and does mushy stuvs,refers to them hypothetically hving kids together, at the verge of dating once but backed out under the pretense of girl not being submissive cos he was a domineering male.resurrects back and wriggls/warms his way back into girls life...but biding time , anythn away as to whether he wants to be friends or lovers.....misyans one day..and girl gives him the silent treatment for a few days now he's gone awol. for his sake he had better not re-appear cos kasala go burst! ........claps hands together....wht happened to the days when guys offend you i.e when they hv not become full bfs and they are the ones trying to get back into 3 3 ur good graces.....

scenARIO 3:dbanj!!!!!!!!!kini koko????!!!!!!!!!!!whts this guy's 411 as in wht does he standard how many days, months/years does it take to decide whether u like a girl enuff to want to ask her out.......for goodness sakes its not marriage its just going out....if it does not work out u can back out..........u act all mushy mushy, closey gooey and wht hv u....make funny remarks and give babe ideas...all the while girl does not know ur "p".....infact ore oriburuku wo lobinrin ati okunrin bara won se kiri- (whc kain stupid friendship boy and girl dey do up and down)

infact i have concluded tht my fuse is getting shorter for guys who fall into any of these 3 categories as in wtf!wht the heck are u feeling like.....or u pass derogatory remarks and expect babe to keep mute...cos of wht,ur the man or wht or notori afe je malu a wa ma pe malu ni broda(because we wan chop cow, we go come dey call vow bros)...nonsense!


Nice Anon said...

Listen let me tell you something. Men are kids! Once all of us decide to understand this then things will be a lot easier. Na who say man sabi handle stress? Since when? They will always act like they are 8 even the ones that are 50! See a marriage that works then tell me who is keeping it together? Ok answer that for yourself.

All men swear they know what they want. Story! Dem know for wia? Abeg don't get me started you hear.

bumight said...

o...k! someone is definitely in rant mode!

couldnt even read through scenario 2, as in , not submissive enough cos he's a domineering male? jeez! do pple actually say that?

Mocha said...

Personally; I'm sick of EVERYTHING revolving around these men!
- Are they ready?
- Are they comfortable?
- Do they want or not?
o ti su mi!

I was brought up to expect the reverse.
Mibbe thats why I'm still single.

Cos its a full time job already dealing with a man's...everything! without the additional bullshit honestly.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha!
I had to laugh! Pele o!
Miz-Cynic pele o!
Like Nice said...they r all just children....Children that dont know what they want at all!

Easy o!

48 said...

Yeah it gets on my nerves when ppl say 'men are so easy to understand' bullshat!utter and complete bullshat! I've officially sworn off trying to understand them. See as I dey join u rant, instead of helping you calm down lol

Tigeress said...

Interesting scenarios. But i have this to say- Ladies, pls lower ur desperation level and raise ur std. Becos of the stupidity of women- others have to suffer the consequences. Fool me once- shame on u. Fool me 2ce shame on me!!!! If a guy wants something serious he wld let u know loud and clear!!! If there's a guessing game involved- keep it stepping. Being single isn't the end of the world. I reckon its better being single rather than emotionally drained in a relationship.

BSNC said...

this one na serious rant. that ist scenerio, the guy needs to get over himself and grow up. no be him first start am..

miz-cynic said...

nice anon:-so it wont lok like bu hu hu we're misunderstood or we dont understand women either....i think i want to har some guys opinion.generally they thik we dont k ow wht we want

bumight:-not necessarily say itbut acting it

@mocha:-yes o, thts why many bright, beautiful, intelligent young women like us tht wont settle for less are still single

@brokeass:-see u laffn at my frustration, it'll soon b ur own day to rant at ur own blog, we all hv those days

@48:-me sef i no wan calm down,more than 8 hrs later and im stillpissed off

@tigeress:-yes o, cos if the posts i've been reading lately from our guys are anythn to go by. some women are desperate witn a capital D

@BSNC:-if he doesnt, he will even lose 5 yrs woman too and he will find himself by himself.

Funms-the rebirth said...

guys dont know what they want and ladies should just ignore them..... when u give a guy too much attention, he feels he can get away with all that..... the scenario 2 is so irritating....geez! some men sef

Anonymous said...

a lovely rant! :) if a guy starts acting dumb, or a tease, you have 1 of 2 options: walk away (hard sometimes) or up your own game and then when he falls... walk away. Either way, he ain't worth the scars.

BBB said...

true talk
i only have one thing to say... GROW UP

Ms. SpicyTee said...

Men are like this..
I've passed thru some of the scenarios.. Is just so annoying most times..

@ Funmi..Yeah..dey don't know what they want jare..I don't know what we have to do to please men. May God help us.

NaijaBabe said...

I feeel you die!
Its irritating and insulting

ibiluv said...

babes no vex o

men-a puzzle

they have no idea what they want
so its maddening when we decide to find out.............

this too shall pass!!!!!!!!!!

RocNaija said...

Dang.. Someone sounds pretty heated..
Pele.. Take a deep breathe..

The ironic thing with the a-f list you have up is that, if you ask the dudes in question.. and strapped them to a lie detector.. they'd probably say "none of the above" and be speaking the truth..

PS. I see you finally changed your eye candy for the month.. finally!
I'll remind you next month.. no slacking!

miz-cynic said...

@funms:-yea!some men sef!wel im in a bera mood jare and i think its njust been designed tht way tht we never can completely understand men, some things are basic though...if a guy is into u he shouldnt play games
@kmplx:-thrs even no need to beat him at his game cos he's dumb for inventing the game in the first place, just x him
@bbb:-ironically, all these men i depicted here are over 30
@spicy tee:-sometimes u cant do without them but majorly, they are a pain in the ass
@naijabbae-yea, its inslting and i dont think they realise it
@ibiluv:-a puzzle,sh'awa la ko ba won ni
@roc naija:-so tell me wht are they usually up to if not any of the 6 since u are a man.
d eye candy of the month pix changed long month it'd be a white guy though.mayb scofields??????

doll said...

Men...i dont even bother trying to figure them out


when I was coming up, women were very different. We demanded that men be gentlemen and carried ourselves in such a way that men had to be men.

Now, a lot of women have forgotten how to deal with men and so a lot of guys think they can say and do whatever they want and women will still come flocking. Others believe that because they have looks/wealth/connections women should bow at their feet and do whatever they demand. When we women start forgetting who we are, then others will treat us that way.

Let me stop preaching. Ladies, don't let men treat you like crap. Gentlemen, stop going for women who treat you like crap. Let's all treat each other with respect or try to anyway.

Nice post, babe and no mind dem o jare. =)

jhazmyn said...

Bumight and Solomon just hit it right on for me, if he's confused, then free him to his confusions.
Real men are still out there, the one's who know how to treat a woman the way she deserves, and those are the men that are worth our time as women.

Don't let the buggers get under ur skin and if they do...then let them get what bugs

Anonymous said...

lol...lots f scenarios...4 sm reason i found ds real funny.

miz-cynic said...

doll:-mayb i should quit trying to figure them out too

solomon sydelle:-yes we women are our own worst enemies.....even some men wonder why we let them rubbish us this way .we are supposed to be strong, not fickle , werent we the ones who gave birth to them.

jhazmyn:-yes free him to his confusion.

leggy:-when i was writing it, funny was far from my intent.but glad u found it funny.

Uzezi said...

men are men. at the end of the day, it's up to the woman they say.

the success of a relationship and how far it goes, depends on a woman also. but this only applies considering that she remains the girl she was at the beginnning of the relationship. No letting her guard slip. remaining on top, remaining a no nonsense chick, while still being charming and loving and submissive.

and when it is working, i doubt no woman will scream for the world to hear its my handiwork.
deep within, we know. but let the EGO of the man deceive him.

these kind of guys have gotten away with being what they are because the women they get, stop being who they were in the beginning and take anything from the guys, thus pumping their slacked courage and ego.

Naughty Eyes said...

My dear, make una no vex oh! Somehow, I'm feeling uncomfortable commenting here sef before one of una chop my head...
You know what I loved about the whole rant? The proverb at the end...

FFF said...

They have written a book about this!!!! They even kokoma made a movie about it!!!!! Yet, chicks will not listen. HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, get stepping. Instead, chicks will be making excuses 4 d men. Which kain men cannot be understood. Men r plainer than women!!!!! Chicks just don't like to open their eyes & see d clear b4 them. I've said it b4, i will say it again: if a dude is serious about you, he will scream it to the rooftops! Girl, if he is not doing that, GET HIM OUTTA UR LIFE.

OE said...

scenerio 1 is quite funny

It's not funny in real life but it is ridiculously true that some men dare to be jealous when another guy just looks at you when he himself is not committed.

fantasy queen said...

i've been in situation A.
he would get jealous and all, and then expect me to sit still about his girlfriend.

i guess its just about feeling they can eat their cake adn have it too.

miz-cynic said...

uzezi:-i also think irs the fact tht we women have allowed them to get away with a lot of things
@naughty eyes.we dont bite do we?.yes o the first time i heard it too i burst into lafta
@ fff:-i happen to agree with u but....wht if ure his exception, someone hes trying to get outta his hea but he cant hence all d fronting
@oe:-i had already predicted an "ete mbo" situation for this guy, foolishly he stepped into it too
@fantasy queen:-guys are megalomaniacs.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me my late comment on this post-feministic "Witcher-Hunt", just found it over Google.

Anway, being a native german speaker, I might not have understood everything said here. Especially when it comes to those weird abbreviations dear miz-cynic is using.

Although you ladies might not (want) to see it, it really is simple to know what is on a mans mind. I need only three letters for it: sex. So if a man doesn't care enough to build a long term relationship with you, you can be pretty sure what his motivation is. Don't know why that is so hard to understand though.

Just remember no man would ever admit he is a sex-addict like every other male in existence is. It somehow seems to be no good dating line. Or would you ladies hope for a long relation to a guy who justifies his intrest in you saying: "I wanna bonk your brains out, sweetheart!"?