Wednesday, February 24, 2010

heretosexuality versus homosexuality

I remembered today being the birthday of someone who used o be my "itchu".and instantly I called her, we fell into our usual camaredie and it was like old times.Now notice that I am admitting that that she was my itchu which i would not have admitted back then in school when we were actually "jetchuing".jetchuing being the verb if itchu is the noun. I hope u get my drift and for my yoruba speaking folks "je" means eat so i mean chopping sure anyone who went to a boarding school especially an "only girl school" like mine would understand this.

A preamble to the word itchu.different people have different meanings for these words.For the relatively innocent,an itchu would be a girl that u have extra feelings for other than u would have for a regular friend, these feelings would tend towards waht a guy would feel for a girl but u would not act on it sexually. this means no kissing, no smooching,no fucking.(did i even know what tht was back then) I used to tell people that as at my S.S.3,I still thot that if u laid bside a boy even if ur bodies dont touch, u could get pregnant.As I was saying the not so innocent ones which of course we had in my school then would actually kiss,smooch even have sex with different objects....those were the advanced babes....the bubblers....the hard chics.

I remember this one  time these girls,were at the quadrangle(this is what we call the open space usually at the centre of our dorm rooms with trees , sitting structures sometimes.One thing led to another,they probably forgot they were in the full glare of pple, they thot "nite"would cover them but alas I think they got bolder and started kissing clung to each other. I heard it was a junior girl who saw them first, I think they were in S.S 1. the junior girl called the next senior in line until they were surrounded by a crowd of their own mates, not until one girl hit them hard on the back and shouted "haba!"(my school girls are quite dramatic) before they became aware of their surroundings, I was in the crowd and to me it was like they used superglue to gum them together, they were that "in trance"

My own scope of jeitchuing was the fact tht my class mates knew i had this special friendship with this girl who was also in my class and half of the school used to say we were itchus which we vehemently denied.When she was sick and she needed to take drugs,and she was refusing, her room-mates would say call her itchu,Id come too -knight in shiny arnour and make her take the drugs ....I had my way. I would talk gently to her like a boyfriend would and she'll even feel better already cos I was thr.Obviously cos I wasnt a girly girl and  I have a deep voice(by the way thts the most compliments i receive from both young and old "i like ur voice" and I'd blush) and she was a girly girl I was often teased that I was the guy in the relationship. We used to hold hands, give hugs, put our arms around each other and talk late into the nite. We got really close.We  were also musketeers as I remember us "tapping" peoples m&b's  together by distracting our victims then we would tear the front page off and write "eze goes to school in front of it."Truth was I "loved" my friend. Nothing changed at home cos I still had my regular crushes on guys my age then etc.I remember one nite which is quite foggy to me now but we were so excited about the fact that we had made up after a long fight and I had written her what could be misconstrued as a love letter  and she was sitting beside me with her head in my lap,holding me very tight sobbing.We did not know any better, we were "kids"....ur right !14 ,15,16, cos this itchuism lasted fom my SS1-3  and we often tell each other stories of how we met.She'd say" u know I never liked u in our junior days and I'd say me neither."I saw u cutting grass one day and u were pissing me off with ur stance like yea.....were they really expecting u to cut grass" and I 'd say "even u I felt u were ugly cos then u had a lot of pimples on ur face and I hated ur crew....I wondered what such a cool chic was doing with the razz bunch".Many more memories to relive but before I start grosing people out I'll stop here.

so question is "Is there a thin line between homosexuality and heterosexuality?


Sugarking said...

come back and finish this gist Goddamnit!!! Jumpin' Jehoshaphat! I have an erection already!!!!

Tisha said...

i don't think there is anything wrong with having close friends of the same sex.
as long as your mind is fine.

The people who say such thing are corrupt, they are the same people who will say you can't be good friends with a guy that must be an underlying attraction underneath. i will say anything is possible if you believe.

so whatever you believe is possible for you.

I have close friends both male and female.

"To the pure, all things are pure"

Omotee! said...

sugarking, u r submerged in the gutter, get out of there! lol.

itchuism.... depends on what goes on in ur mind concerning ur "itchu"

Myne Whitman said...

I read somewhere that most people are bicrious if not bisexual. I also went to an all girls boarding school and some girls had 'supe'. Most of them had boyfriends outside.

ibiluv said...

female friends.....a treasure to have

there's a large line o-i wonder how bisexuals do it sef-swinging both ways

i can ogle Jlo/Ini Edo's ass from now till dec

i still only think sex.... when its a phallus i'm looking at


doll said...

itchu..hmm..never heard the words before..

Yes, i hink there is s thin line sha,.i'v been kissed and smooched by a girl before..wasnt expecting it and i got up and ran away..

Now, years after...after sampling kissing and touching by a man at ind goes back to that incident and how i fely and i know if not for my religious stance and all..i may swing towards women

miz-cynic said...

sugarkibng:-*winks * hot stuff ehn.... but seriously get ur mind outta the gutter.u must have erections pretty easily

@tisha:-yea. but seriously asper tht boy and girl own..."ore oriburuku wo ni okunrin ati obinrin n bara won se"(which kind stupid/doomed friendship man and woman dey do with themselves up and down)

@omotee:-wht if all tht ever went thru ur mind is deep affection, love,attraction but nothn tht fair?


miz-cynic said...

@myne whitman:-se, so on whc side were u?just curious.....

@ibiluv:-thts the point,if there are bisexuals,then thr sure is a very thin line between heterosexuals and homosexuals

@doll:-its pronounced (i-chu).

i think im very heterosexual cos even when i imagine a threesome, im thinking , me and 2 guys not a guy and another girl

BBB said...

i think we all av a hint or bisexuality in us, it used to scrae me before but av cum to terms with it, never had any experience with a girl, but id sure like to try (just to know whats its like) hehehehe

2cute4u said...

I indulged in having a girlfriend I was seriously inlove with but none of the kinky stuff oh.. no liver.. It was fun though.. nice gist..
serious stuff-please I need your attention on my page on my two posts- 'save our soul', ' in your face-jos' waiting for your contribution and help.. thank you so very much..

Soniya said...

I honestly think I have a bisexual spirit. I've had crushes on tons of girls, I went to a mixed school but back in dorm; I had "chokors" and there were always these experiences with other girls. I've kissed a few, made out with many n done the whole scissors thing, it was fun & sweet. I had fun exploring my sexuality. In secondary school, I was kinda athletic but also quite feminine but I still had fun.

Anyhow, these days I'm strictly into men. I just can't think of a woman that way. For me, it's just d!ck all day, everyday!

n.b: I enjoy lesbian porn. that stuff turns me on like damn! it's so much more passionate & less risky for pregnancy!

Uzezi said...

my kids will not attend a single school. i attended and i can relate with this story so much. i was only in JS 2 when a girl wrote me a love letter. well nothing happened except she bought me lots of gifts that i accepted, me being in the hostel, she a day student.
But then, i saw things going on around me. and it is really easy to get lost in it. at young age, girls can be easily influence. peer pressure, or pressure from seniors. and soon enough the forbidden fruit becomes the fav meal.
a friend told me every girl has lesbian tendency. I believe. but we shouln't be allowed to discovered it.
to answer your question, there is a very thin line.

musco said...

U re beginning to make me feel 2010 is ur year of coming out with all d sexual stuff u ve bn stomaching 4 a long time.

appreciate ur 'bare it all' approach!

Anyaposh said...

interesting. i'm waiting for part 2!

LusciousRon said...

Memories you bring back. My school was mixed but i could say there was a girl like that. She walys wrote me love letters. Buy me gifts and would throw tantrums and extreme jealous traits when I talk to other girls!

She had a boyfie one of those school boyfriends and I had mine but she still considered me her property. She used to try to kiss me and stuff and I always stopped her.

What was funny was she would never do that with her boyfriend and I still wonder if we had not lived in Nigeria would she have become a homosexual? By the way, she is married now.

Queen of My Castle said...

Very interesting. I think that the line is rather thin. I remember when I was married, I used to wonder what it would be like to be with a woman while I was having sex with him.I think because women are more sensual. IDK

Xena!!! said...

nice peace. love the eye candy of the month. i just want to se this avenue to creaet awareness. please read this article

miz-cynic said...

@bbb:-don't try o, else u get sucked in, I dont think its Goid intent though else he would not have created eve for adam.

@2cuteforu:-nice to know ur not a boy. yea thanks , I think one has to consciously say 'I DONT WANA LIKE GIRLS" COS ITS PRETTY EASY TO SWITCH

@soniya:-yea i do too.women have very beautiful bodies and we know how to please ourselves.

@ uzezi:-i dont think its the kinda sch tht matters,contrary to wht i thot there are still lesbians in mixed schools so wht are we saying.

@musco:-wetin dey? how u dey?i don forget how u look o, u know say e don teywey we see.

@anya:-part two as how?lol.

miz-cynic said...

lusciousron-im sure ur a pretty girl.with the desperate way she went about it.

@qomc:-u husband must have been....................

@xena:-couldnt get to the article.

LovePaprika said...

My friend come back and answer me personally o! did u kiss her??? and wow in ur school it was itchu? im my school it was called chonkor! lmao!

I have never really thought bout a thine line you knw... this is a very hard question and i think i should jst read the comments

miz-cynic said...

lovepaprika:-no i did not kiss her but lately ive been thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

"itchu" & "bubblers"! oh my, not heard those words in a looooooong while. so u were d "bloke" in d "relationship"...lmao. we def went to d same school. girls sure experimented with their sexuality then. once saw 2 bubblers going at it one night in d dorm during night prep (i was ill so i dint go 4 prep) i tot i was hallucinating. those were fun/weird days...
been meaning to start my blog...mayb i finally shuld stop "meaning to" & just do it!
luv ur posts.