Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Folks, out of curiousity,I wana see how freaky or otherwise i am compared to the next person in blogsville, so I'll be asking some questions.Please indulge me and put pen to paper,all i need is y if its yes and n if its no. sorta like this.1y2n3y4n,like that . it'll be short i promise. just ten questionsand ill put my own answer beneath the post so no "ojoro"

1.If u're making love/making out incase u are a virgin(being a virgin dont mean u have to be totally clueless...u need to in tune with your body etc.),and ur partner has tried his/her best and u know in ur heart that its the best he or she can come up with,and he/she asks,did you come?and for u the answer is no. do u tell the truth.?

2.have u ever done the 69 before?

3.have u ever used a toy with your partner? you think whether you are to have an orgasm in a single encounter with a partner is solely dependent on the skills of that partner?

5.have u ever tasted ur own "juice" in any form or shape or manner? here i have to distinguish tht i meant for the woman her wetness and for the man ur pre-cum?

6.have u ever tasted your partners "cum"?also here i mean a woman's squirt and a man's semen

7.have u made love to a woman with her folks around in the same house not necessarily , the same room, and for women have u ever allowed this ? u make loud noises if/when u are coming? you think each vagina u've ever had feels the same if the skills are at par and if u are a woman do u think each dick feels the same as long as their skills are on the same level.

10.have u had an orgasm before?

my ans.1y2y3n4n5y6y7n8n9y10y

p.s:-other comments are welcome too


Omotee! said...

i'm first.
be back

tunrayo said...

1N 2Y 3N 4N 5Y 6Y 7Y 8N 9N 10Y

miz-cynic said...

omotee:-omotee,where u run go.come back and give your response

tunrayo:-i dey gbadun u gan ni o

Myne Whitman said...

I can only answer 10Y. You no see me o, lol...

LucidLilith said...

i take the fifth on all Jeez they are all blush-worthy.

Shubby Doo said...

honestly , answering yes or no to these questions does NOT make one a show how you enjoy sex...for the definition of a freak check this out:

lol at 7...yes i've allowed it. his mum came into the room just as we finished dressing up thank goodness. but she knew...cue my quick exit!!!

Sugarking said...

1y 2y 3y 4n 5n 6n 7n 8y 9n 10y

Azazel said...

Comes in, sees questions.. Bolts..
I want to be a politician one day, I can't be compromised lol

Anonymous said...

lol@azazel. 10:Y. 1&2:Y. 7: Y

miz-cynic said...

@myne whitman:-haba, u don fall my hand, i was expecting to get the first response from u.singing excerpt from "lorile" yi oo tie le......

@lucidlilith:-and i thot they were pg13 o.*smiling and winking*

@shubbydoo:- i couldnt agree with u more. i just meant that "if u think its freaky then on a scale of 1-10 how freaky....somn along those lines.0.5 being not freaky at all.also my own liver no reach tht level of with his folks in same house o.

@sugarking:-dont be too sure u hvnt tasted ur juices before o, cos ur babe woulda kissed u so many times after u'd come or precum from blowing rily think about it.

@azazel:- u can always say it was under duress.

@anonymous:- ur welcome here anytime , i just hv a feeling u know me.,btw way to go on ur response

~Sirius~ said...

LOL @ Azazel........

Anyaposh said...

This is my kinda Q&A -


i think every dick is different & every pussy is different. but in the end, good dick is good dick!

miz-cynic said...

@sirius:-this is srious!sirius no get answer?!.

@anyaposh:-this is still by far the freakiest to go girl.

Omotee! said...

miz cynic, i no dey run now, have faith in me small, lol
1.Y 2. N 3. N. 4. N 5. N 6. N 7.Y 8. N 9. N 10. Y

ibiluv said...

9.every phallus is different
everyone have a different skill/technique
10.what do you think?????

Sumptuous said...

Nice one. I'm also pleading the fifth *bolts outta the door*

2cute4u said...

hmmm, just discovering you so i'm new here.. you try well, to expose like this.. well me, i go answer afterall, ahn ahn, you don see me before?

miz-cynic said...

@omotee:-this is cool, so everyone that answered so far has had an orgasm before. even the ones i suspect are virgins.coool.well who woulda guessed u were still this

@ibiluv:-wetin be "s" o, NA Y OR N I DEY EXPPECT., im assuming the "s" means somewhat.

@2cute4u:-im assuming ur a guy and im going to read your blog right away cos this ur answer is quite interesting.

LusciousRon said...

LOOOOOOOL at Ibiluv! What is s?


What a post!

AlooFar said...

No way. I refuse to be the only male commenting here ;)

Naijalines said...

Wish I knew what you were talking about Missy. I no know book o ;-)

Tigeress said...

1. Well i'm one of those unlucky girls that hardly comes- but i still ENJOY having sex with my bf (when we used to).

2.69 is overrated to me. I dont like it- i find it very distracting from enjoying it.

3.I've never used a toy- tho i'm very open to it. I've used honey/icecream/whip cream. does that count?

4. Nope?

5. Yeh, being kissed immediately after being given head. Its tasteless.

6. eerr does pre-cum count?

7. oh HELL NO!!!

8. What for- when i'm not being strangled or beaten. Girl who make loud noises actually piss me off.

9. From what i've heard- they are not all the same. Which makes sense cos no prick looks alike.

10. Yes

Looks like i'm the only one who has written story story for these your questions. I suppose get award.

Parakeet said...

This is likes!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

上來打聲招呼,祝你一切平安! .........................................

Jinta said...

come back aloofar. you now have company in the house

1y2y3y4n5n6y7n8n9n10-oh yes

Muyiwa said...

@ Naijalines- ..... lol

I still nurse d ambition of becoming governor of my state some day & nw dt i'm no longer anonymous ... Azazel - following ur decision!

miz-cynic said...


@aloofar:-yes o as jinta said u bera come back. u are not the only male......coward!.lol.

@naijalines:-mommy,u and I know you know what I'm talking

@tigeress:-well 1.i hardly come too,2.69 is not overratedto me but i agree its quite distracting3.ive also neva used a toy but I badly wana try,mayb i can orgasm more often. bt ive used icecream and iceblock..oops sorry cubes.
4.nope too.5not tasteless but extremely watery6.yes o , precum counts.7.hell no!
8.mayb u were ahaving an intense orgasmmorova what could/should be regarded as loud, its relative.9.i get tht no prick feels the same but when ur gooooood, u're goooood.
10.yes o, may i add how many times to ur own?.but seriously girl thumps up for the way u answered so ur award is me answering as brashly as u did.

@parakeet:-funnily enuff answering no to number 1 tells me wht a sweet person u are but im afraid im just not tht nice.

@chinese guy(chapanchu):-say wht?

@jinta:-3 gbosa for u. aloofar. infact add 3 ikiras join.

@muyiwa:-fraidy cat!

ibiluv said...