Friday, August 15, 2008

my adonis


I wana do a series of blogs about guys i dated over the period of like ten yeARS, FROM WEN I STARTED DATING TIL NOW THT IM TECHNIALLY SINGLE.



uuum let me see,as innocent as I was then I mean I was 17 years old then, i remember,N had a great body, ur regular TDH(tall, dark and handsome) kinda guy,cute dimple,heart melting smile, and he was caring too.I rememebr wht was supposed to be our first kiss, i was still sixteen then, we werent dating but he attempted to kiss me by lowering his head very close to mine but trust omo tiya bi tofoja aran pon, i weaved and he ended up kissing the air,sori brazu(dis is a razz slang i picked up somwhr), it was late at nite so he didnt see my accompanying reaction,
He used to come see me in my hostel then, we'll talk late into the nite but omo boy no go evn get kiss goodbye...luking back now , i was harsh gan o, d bobo go spend like 3hrs talking and all spit go dry , the least I could do was to replenish some of it with mine ...if u knw wht i mean(wink .wink)
I remember one day he came baffed up to the teeth and probably popsie cramped his style by asking him to run some errands so he came late, trust siste I pounced on him ,

N;HI(looking apologetic for his late arrival)

mizcynic: hi(frowning my face bi eni tan so lu(like someone they farted on)

N;-(imagine him in all his 18 yr old sweetness)-mizcynic now what did I do, im sori now

mizcynic:u're always sorry, If u know u wont be coming to visit me often N , U BETTER SAY SO O AND LET ME roll with my campus boys wu hv ben dying to go out wth me o, instead of keeping me roasting afta I hv told my friends u'll be coming, now they'll be pitying me andI'll be luking like one sori case.

N: SORRY CASE BAWO(how),cynic, ure too paranoid I always tell u, oya cheer up now, popsie held me back now saying I had to run some errands he said(stroking my cheeks in tht playful way i loved.uuum those were the sweet days.....these days some morafucker will prbly come late and prbly expect u to apologise for his lateness..uuum the good old days,wen boys were men not now wen grown men act like boys.

most memorable moment with N

I remember this day, I was sick to my guts as in (mo ti ya gbogbo inu mi tan)i had shyted all my insides, I thnk we had bad water in uni or somthn, so I was vomitting, shyting simultaneosuly, it was bad.... ,I looked awful. low and behold came N my knight in shining armour

N;-cynic whts wrong with u, u look bad

cynic:Iv bn in bed al day , looks like i have running tummy or smthn
N:hv u taken anythn , u look rily bad, are u sure we shdnt go see the doctor or somthn.

cynic:-no I'll be fine(I hated going to the hospitals, the sick smell and all, with the air very septic and sterile smelling corridors where instantly u start to pray to baba God for forgiveness so u dont cross to the great beyond just by virtue of the fact tht ure thr.

N:u dont look fine , i insist oya let's go home at least, I'll take u home,I remember I was sitting on this double decker bed, up, he carried me like a baby in his arms like i WEIGHED NO MORE THA A BAG OF BONES WHC i WAS GRADUALLING BECOME JUDGing by the rate i was puking all my insides.

cynic-I'm fi...I rushed to the ladies for anoda bout,female hostel and all U WONT BLIV, N FOLLOWED ME DESPITE THE FACT THT HE WASN'T EVN IN MY UNI, WE GOT BACK ,HE CARRIED ME DOWN THE STAIRCASE OF MY HOSTEL., SOMEHOW UNDER 5 MINS HE HAD A TAXI waiting, he was bloody broke ass student but I can neva forget the bravity , the way he kept assuring me tht all will be well, by now I was resting my head on his lap, puking my insides out all over the taxi,N...and any oda thn in sight, I felt like I was gona die,I remember for some reason he stopped at this bungalow like 15mins drive, his friend , whom I also knew came out and he quickly exchanged pleasantries and we got back into the taxi and heade home, the fare then will hv cost a good 2k cos the distance was like frm vi to badagry,and tht was a lot of moni for a broke ass student(it was later , one day wen we were joking and gisting and yabbies, tht tht friend teased him ,dat omo u must have loved this silly girl gan ni o, u actually came to my house to borrow taxi moni) like him but WHERE i was, all I was doing was praying, dear lord if u get me alive and well out of htis I swear I'll drink only ragolis water henceforth,...omo i still drink pure water sef.

We got home , mom comes out panicked , mom's expression was all tooo easy to read as she took in me, my state, the sure the tots in her head was ""oloriburuku boy, has impregnated my daughter o,(cos we landed my house at like half past 8),and has taken her for abortion whc didnt go well cos i KEPT CLUTCHING MY TUMMY,but tht was the day I knew my mom was the best actress cos all this she told me larer o, but she was acting kinda calm and collected.

mama cynic-wht happened, oya lets go with this sme taxi to hospital cos all the cars are out o, N stood firmly, in my sickness I was proud of him,

mama cynic-oya thank u my son(afta listening to me explain), u also luk like hell, go home we'll take her to the hospital.

N-I want to go to the hospital with o, i CANT LEAVE HER LIKE THIS MA, iF MY MOTHER COULD GIVE AWAY HER DAUGHTER RIGHT IN THT MOMENT, she would hv given him my hand in marriage , at tht age o, asking for nathn, she was scared as he was,well we got to the hospital.,and shall I say.....the rest including N sadly...they say os history.


Invisible said...

Aww, what a sweet guy N must have been. Reminds me of me, lol.

By the way, your post has no title for people like me to click on.

Invisible said...

Oh, did I mention that I'm FIRST!!!!!

tamilore said...

aww thats soo sweet

miz-cynic said...

@invisible-like u indid!u n devil dey contest 4 d proverb of if u wna dine wt d devil,u nid a loong,. wt al hv read on ur blogs.abi u neva hear of d proverb.binu se ri lobi n so.its d way d insides of d kolanut plant is dt d fruits wl also b,it means out of d abvndance of d heart,d mout speaketh.but i stil love u sha.

Buttercup said...

awwwwww...N sounds like any girl's dream..

miz-cynic said...

@BUTTERCUP-one of them ur mom means wen she says"e ti fi awon oko se boyfriend"-u have used the hubby material to do boyfriend.

miz-cynic said...

@tamilore-yes o , thts as sweet as they'll eva get.

Buttercup said...

lol...gosh i need to be comin to u for yoruba lessons..

Mz. Dee said...

oh my dayz.. lmao!!!!!! i'm was in stitichez wen i read the part bout ur mumsi thinkin u had an abortion! lol

probably the same thing my mum wuda thot!!

mehn dis guy was rily sweet o.. gist is the remainin story na!

berra go n find him...his kinda are veryy few!

miz-cynic said...

@mz dee:-u knw mothers now!i bet I'll evn be more paranoid as a mother

theicequeen said...

waaaaah! i want an N dammit! bwoi too sweet jare! and responsible very rare o!..LOL at the whole now, you'll prolly have to be the one to apologise when he comes late-word!

miz-cynic said...

@the boy na real bobo nice.....tht's probably why he didnt last.....i thnk sometyms we women like them nasty guys.

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