Thursday, September 11, 2008

a lil bit of me

I recently came across an article about the zodiac signs and it was either that it was a lil different from the ones i had read previously or I'm older now and i can be more objective about how i view myself so i decided to do a lil bit of analysis on how right on spot the article was...


planet -mars
symbol-the ram
strengths:-dynamic, engaging and candid

let me start the analysis at this junction before i go on cos there's more and i dont wana loose track.

ok element-fire.....i choose to analyse this in a quirky way......i am not a soft person....and im quite a confident and courageous person and when im angry....i hardly AM...(INFACT A LOT OF TIMES I HAVE TO FORM ANGRY WHEN I WANT to chastise people).....but wen i do....i damn all consequences and my eyes brims wih fury and brimstones men!

planet- mars....another quirky analysis of this.....sometimes even i myself think im from planet thinking sometimes could be very different from the next person's...or in that men are from mars and women are from venus kinda way i would qualify for a man cos a lot of folks say i act and think like a man and im tough like a man so mayb i am from mars.....but all na demo o. my first or is it second post to undastand that one......i won't say more, u know how rams are stubborn....i could be very headstrong and set in my ways especially wen i've made my mind up about something.


yeah, if it were possible to have the ruby as an engagement ring...thats wht i would like...a ruby ring.

strengths-dynamic, engaging and candid

I am very dynamic so that makes me think that sometimes i actually dont know what i want....this minute im loving content....the next im not and .....very very unhappy until i find another challenge....which brings me to how much longer i'll find blogging interesting.....

engaging-i think im fasciinating....which is why i find a lot of people being easily attracted to me....dont get me wrong im not talking physical attributes but mayb its the way i talk, laugh,think, make jokes....etc...i dunno

candid-tht one is so so true.....i lack tact......infact im only recently beginning to learn it as it is very vital for the kind of job i do.....u see i'm in client services. i spit it as it is,like my life dpended on being that candid and honest about it like im trying to prove a point or im saying that is the way it is, i dare u to bite me.

back to the article
faults-headstrong,impulsive, erratic

my favorite phrase wen im about to get angry, "don't try me i can be very unreasonable wen i'm angry"....and im also very impulsive.....that can be very helpful at in i take on the spot decision and i take risks very easily....i'll tell u a my workplace , they placed some cars on bid list and people were given like a month to go see these cars before they placed their bids. what did ur dearest cynic do???i went ahead and bidded for a car for a riduculous amount i had fixed in my head and i didnt even go to see the car.....despite the fact that the cars were on the island and i live on the island and these days im relatively jobless on the end of the day.....i got an ok car even better than some pple tht went for inspection....i dont know how tht happened....dont ask me.

I can be very headstrong up to the point that i play the devil's advocate more often than not even wen i myself dont agree with the motion im arguing for ...i do it just for the kicks.
back to the article...
arians love freedom and will accept any challenge,they insist on going their own way and are not easily swayed by reason.their energy can make them seem aggressive, they make good leaders inspiring and caring for their followers but by the same token they do not make good herd members and can be uncooperative in groups.

again i pause here and analyse...

i love my freedom to the extent that i sometimes wonder how im gona cope in marriage...i still feel that idf i get a job in the bahamas today all i'll go whether i have a family or not i'll pack up my bags and leave....thts why my bro always says.. ..any guy tht eventually marries me he''ll say he has finally tamed the shrey....i call it the bohemian in me....i like to do what i want and im always ready for the consequences of my first trip to dubai.....i went alone and i was super-excited even though i didn't know anybody there and i was not going mainly for business but for pleasure, i also like the freedom to take my own decisons, right from when i hit 16,i knew what i wanted in life...i wasn't even an adult then.i have a lot of energy and sometimes wen i see someone act lack-lustre all the time i feel like... wtf.....u know this phrase was in one stupid yoruba movie i watched....there was this chic who had a very niceee..... hubby and a very bad friend wu was always giving her bad advice,....she advised her one day to disobey her hubby....since he was bobo nice and go for a nite party with her(she wasnt married o)...that particular time the rily mad and he slapped her ...the guy immediately started apologising..feeling sober ,so she called this her silly friend and told her the story...d friend was like ....o fo e leti ke(he slapped u!)...she now advised her thus.."o mo nkan to ma ba dele ni irole ko ti fi robb para , now comes the phrase i want to put the emphasis on" ko wa dera lebi apere tomati"(look inactive and dejected and very weak like a basket of rotting tomatoes...the kind they sell in mile 12) in i hate people who dera le like apere tomati when they are not sick.cos i'm usually smart walking and energetic and when im sick too....i actually dera le bii apere tomati...ask my sis.i also hate being bored and i get bored very easily.and when im making a point i strongly believe i could come off a lil aggressive as in my veins stand up.I like my surbodinates(very few that i have) to be very happy and free with me but that does not mean i condone laziness, when im asked to lead i give it my all but i dont volunter for leadership positions and i'm actually very responsible when in a leadership role, but if i'm to follow .....its not like i dont like to follow but im a rebel by nature so i'll almost always ask why? before i do something d leader asks me to do...and can be uncooperative if i feel a leader is taking advantage of me or the group.

back to the article.....

they are open and honest,sometimes to the point of a partner, an arian is a captivating creature,they tend to get bored easily and will run at the first sign of trouble,often purely to cause drama.they are ruled by their hearts and will follow its mood without much reflection....

i am open and honest so as such i believe i don't have any secrets sef...i tell it as it is so free especially when i know u ...i tell u whats going on in my mind verbatim....thts why its frustrating for me when i feel i can't read someone cos with me u dont need to wish for a magic mirror into my heart and soul cos my words and everythn im feeling is always plain to see...what u see is what u get....i wear my heart on my sleeve so to speak(not in a stupid way o),,,,if i'm happy, its on my face....if i'm sad....its there toooo. if im lost.....i look rily lost,im open and u can almost read me i mean literally like a book,i can't hide my feelings.i think i have a captivating nature as the article implies cos not blowing my trumpets...i have actually broken a lot of hearts in my time.......cos i get tired of relationships very easily......until recently iv dated people for as short as 5 weeks..

when i fight with my bobos then,....i'll be so angry i'll say oya i want to break up with u....cos most of the time i know they'll beg ....u knw a lil drama....i actually even admitted to my last boyfriend when he said "cynic ma pa fun mi ni hypertension..."i said "ololufe ,me too i dont know why i'm like this....i think i just love trouble."

im not matured at handling my emotions...what i feel in my heart that moment determines my mood and when i love which isnt often....i love deeply and when i .....hate....which isnt often either i do it i think im ruled by my heart......

so there u have a lil bit of me......or is it.......all of moi.


funkola said...

1ssssssst. i'm aries and thinking, are they talking bout me???

funkola said...

2nnnnnnddddd! i had to go read again, lol @ d yoruba film thingy.

funkola said...

3rrrrrrrddddddd! i must be pissing alot of peeps off now...hehe!

miz-cynic said...

@funkola @funkola @funkola-hw many times did i call u.yay!we aries sistas.r u serios it rang home 4 u 2?r u coming 2 d beach?cnt wait 2 meet pple.would b so much fun

Invisible said...

I must confess, the Yoruba was a bit hard for me to read. I enjoy reading them though. Keeps me trained on how to read my mother tongue.
Horoscopes? I'm not sure I believe in them. I actually paid attention to it one time to see if it worked but na lie. Didn't work, kobo!

miz-cynic said...

@invisible-take a lesson from funkola,she seemed 2 have enjoyd d yoruba bit wella.for u,id translate if u didnt get it.whts ur star luk it up on this my own n im sure afta that ud b ur case,sure ur not making s.b.r.go n update joo.

Ms. emmotions said...

Hey gal,
so u too are aries?

we rock gal!!!

Emilia said...

hi miz thanks for stopping by earlier so are you and your friends joining us for the quest to lose weight / fitness with the gi Diet

I sure hope so

thanks once again

Esmeralda said...

did u change ur blog template? cuz if u did, i prefer the one u had!

this post is very insightful, i feel like i could now be friends with u, except tell me how a ram and a bull can be friends? yea, i'm Taurus!lol

i envy u the fact that u've known what u want since 16, i wish i did, infact i still dont know what i want and i am 25!

u are definitely uber-interesting.

OluwaDee said...


I find it hard to chastise pple.

This is some indepth analysis.

10ks 4 stopping by my blog.

miz-cynic said...

@ms emmotions-yeah.we arians rock. @emilia-im not sure id fare wel on d my carbs 2 much. @esmeralda-dint change it much.jst tried 2 pimp it a lil bit.yea wd love 2 b friends with a taurean @oluwadee-i stop by urs quite frequently 2

badderchic said...

long ass post, you competing with me? lol

funny post too.

miz-cynic said...

@badder-me sef no realise til i started scrolling dwn n it dnt wnt 2 stop

badderchic said...


Buttercup said...

yea, it was pretty looooong! i enjoyed it tho..i feel like i ACTUALLY know u know..hehe

miz-cynic said...

@badderchic-lol at what exactly.....nice meeting u on saturday.....u were in xter and person a lot like ur blog personality

miz-cynic said... easy to understand aint i?

Mz. Dee said...

Dang dis was l-o-n-g.

U dated for as short as 5 weekz! Lmao...! I usedd to do the same but never thot any1 else did it!

naijalines said...!
I'm not aries but can definitely relate to the wanting a bit of space, value my freedom.
Thanks for stopping by:-)

Sting said...

Hey missie. I love ur independent streak. Thanks for checking up on me. Very much appreciated.

miz-cynic said...

@miz dee-cdnt hlp remixing ur mz 2 luk like dis world trust me airi iru e ri,a fi n deru ba oloro ni @naijalines-i hope il have a happy ending like u cos i had a major heart break in now i guard mi heart jealously becos of these olosa heart stealers.i always enjoy it at urs @sting-tot d post was gona b a bore 2 read cos it is so long.tnks 2 4 stopping by

princesa said...

Haba! From this post you reay made urself seem all hard amd mean but the mizcynic i met last saturday semed pretty much easy going o. Tell me you werent putting up an act?lol!

That dubia trip thing alone was quite couragoeus o. Am going on a one month leave soon and want to travel but dont want to go alone.

Okay so no pics. Dont want anyone!

miz-cynic said...

im not mean o and im pretty much easy going. enen i just might be interested in going to dubai too abt tht time o. dont take me as guru o i've only gone once too o and im bad with direction o and its been a while o. so still do research o. they will only give u visa for 2 weeks o.i can help with a lil bit of logistics, me sef need leave my body don experience wear and tear, i need to replenish.

RocNaija said...

Na wa ooo... Only read this becos say na you oh!!

I don't like my laptop screen that much Miss Aries..